2013 NFL Draft: Michael Wiliams Prospect Profile

Alabama tight end Michael Williams

Alabama tight end Michael Williams

The resume as a three year starter and four year letter winner on the well-oiled BCS Championship winning machine that is Alabama would normally suggest a top flight NFL talent but sometimes you just have to be impressed with Nick Saban’s ability to effectively use a role player. That is Michael Wililams, one of those players who you won’t really notice but does a job and does it well. He’s such a good blocker that if he had just a bit more length and size we may be talking about him as a tackle.


6’ 5? 269 lbs.


He has been a part of three national championships because of his contributions in the Alabama run game. He is not an elite blocker but consistently can wall off and anchor against defenders for outside runs. On inside runs, He maintains, if he doesn’t kick out, wide rushers trying to stunt to create a crease for runners to cut through. His feet never stop after he makes contact. His hands are grappling and rarely get disengaged when he gets his hands on a defender.

His excellent frame from a height weight and length perspective presents a big target for quarterbacks and he is pretty good at getting to a ball at its highest point. Fairly good shake for a man his side.


As a pass protector, he will struggle with the Bruce Irvin types. They don’t allow him to get his feet set and force him to reach, which is when he is at his worst as a blocker (in space). While his hand strength is overwhelming for a tight end, they don’t always get to where they have to be. This will cause holding penalties against the same speed edge rushing types.

I think he will surprise in his ten yard split but offers little to nothing as a field stretcher. Given this limitation in top end speed, he also doesn’t have great suddenness to his breaks and often allows defenders to stay in his back pocket. His after catch ability is relegated to running through a few undersized tacklers in the SEC but nothing to write home to mom about.


Williams projects as a 2nd to 3rd tight end on an NFL roster. These players are drafted in the late rounds 5-7. He has just enough ability as a receiver when coupled with his elite size and blocking ability that he could have a very unspectacular but effective role playing journeyman in the NFL.