What Shall The Redskins Do?


By PFC Redskins Blogger Dujunnea Bland

The Redskins face some decisions this off season that could send some folks packing their bags. The Redskins, who are laboring under an $18 million salary cap penalty imposed by the league a year ago, will be an estimated $3 million over the cap even though the League cap will be high at 123 million.

The Redskins may have to look to the second phase of their youth movement a little sooner. London Fletcher who is seesawing on whether he will retire carries a 6.2 million dollar cap number.

Other players like DeAngelo Hall who has a 7.5 million dollar number, Santana Moss 4.15 million, Josh Wilson 3.9 million just to name a few.

So what are we going to do? Well as everyone knows there has been talk of the Redskins taking legal action and suing the NFL over the salary cap penalty. It seemed as if the Skins where going to drop the hammer but there really haven’t been any talks of that since the combine. Tuesday March 12 is the deadline for the Redskins to get under the cap. There hasn’t been any contract restructures or releases. Maybe they will look to sue and even if they don’t it’s not rocket science to get under the cap.

I think you’re going to see a few guys restructure their contracts because they see the potential this team has and would like to be a part of it. There has been rumbling that London Fletcher would not be one of them. Other guys Like Hall and Moss are reportedly willing to restructure to say. If players aren’t willing to restructure their contracts to help out the team, then I say next man up. Either way the Skins have to work on getting more talented and younger. For now though all we can do is waiting and see.