Recent Combine Experience with Rockford Defensive Back EJ Johnson

EJ Johnson 3

NFL Draft Series by PFC Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

As part of the rookie’s blogs here at ProFootballCentral we continue to talk with potential NFL hopefuls. Today we had a chance to catch up with Rockford Defensive Back EJ Johnson.

CB: Good afternoon EJ, how’s everything going? Thanks for joining us again here at ProFootballCentral.  We just wanted to catch up with you and see how your experience was at the recent combine over the weekend. So how did it go?

EJ: Hello Chris, how are you doing today?  The combine went alright, I did everything that I could and put the rest in god in hands.  I would definitely say that is was a learning experience. It opened my eyes and allowed me to see the competition that’s out there. Being able to see the other players at the same position compete out there was great; I was able to see things that they were good at as well as things that they weren’t so good at.  Most importantly it allows me to see what I should work and improve on.  I can never under estimate the guys there though; you just don’t know what the outcome will be.  I love the atmosphere there though, I felt like I was back in my element so to speak. One thing that surprised me the most was that all the participants and staff were very encourage during the drills.  I didn’t expect the encouragement from everybody because we basically were competing against one another.  Overall it was a great life experience and it will help me improve myself on multiple levels.

CB: Personally, how do you feel you performed at the combine? And what do you feel you need to improve on as a result?

EJ: I gave it everything I had that day.  I’m never satisfied with what I did though; I will continue to work hard towards my goal.  I always want to get better; I know that there are things to improve on just as there are in everyday life.  I like to see where I’m at and this allowed me to see that.  Now I have to go back to the drawing board and improve on those things.  One skill I definitely want to work on is my speed on the field.  Coming from where I was at Rockford to potentially being the league is a completely different atmosphere, the league is all about speed.  I want to improve my speed on decision making as well ass my overall speed on the field.  Another skill I want to improve on is staying low in my back pedal while covering a receiver.  By staying low it allows me to break out of my back pedal faster.  Overall I want to be prepared with all phases of the game though, being able to cover receivers and make plays when they need to be mad.

CB: Was there any skills that you possess that they were impressed with? And do you feel that you performed as well as you thought you would?

EJ: I did get some good feedback on my 20 yard shuttle.  This drill is very important for defensive backs because it shows how quick we can change direction on a cut.  Scouts want to see how quick you can move on the spot and this helps display that.  I also received compliments on my vertical leap, back pedaling and intercepting passes and pass deflections.  As far as performing as well as I thought I would, I just try and stay level headed throughout the entire time.  I respect everyone here that is out trying to achieve the same goal as me.  Staying level is a great thing in life and I’m never satisfied, I’m always trying to get better.  I always thank god for the chance to achieve my goals and he revealed to me this Saturday what I need to work on in order to achieve them.

CB: Did you receive any tips to improving?

EJ: Overall, they talked to all of us about staying lower in our back pedal.  Staying lower, keeping low will allow us to follow the momentum of receiver.  I was also told that I should make sure I’m keeping my chest above my knees. They did mention that they would let us know within a week if for sure we are invited to the Super Regional at Cowboys Stadium.  If your not in that group and are on the cut line then it could possibility take up to a month.

CB: How do you stay focused in the next few weeks and do you have any other future combines or pro days?

EJ: I’ll go back to our previous chat and mention the bible’s Roman 8:28 “We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose”  Right now its out of my hands, whatever gods will is, will determine my future.  In the mean time I’m going to stay prepared spiritually, mentally and physically.  Saturday is in the past and I’m looking forward to the future and bettering myself daily.  As far as future plans, I am looking to a few different pro days in the future but not confirmed just yet, and hoping to get the opportunities to go to the Super Regional in Dallas.

CB: Well we here at ProFootballCentral would like to thank you for talking about your experience at the combine from the past weekend and we look forward to hearing from you soon about your journey.

EJ:  Alright that sounds good Chris, thanks for taking the time to talk with me.

For all those interested, be sure to check and follow EJ on twitter, his handle is @ejohnsonjr.  Please be sure to check back for more interviews with EJ as well as more NFL hopefuls on ProFootballCentral.