Planning Ahead with The Citadel Running Back Terrell Dallas

Terrell Dallas 2

NFL Draft Series by PFC Blogger Chris Brown (@cbreezy2411)

As part of the rookie’s blogs here at ProFootballCentral we continue to talk with potential NFL hopefuls. Today we had a chance to catch up with The Citadel Running Back Terrell Dallas.

CB: Good evening Terrell, how’s everything going? It’s been a few weeks since we last chatted.  How have things been?

TD:  Hey Chris, everything’s going good still training like crazy.  I’m actually trying to slim down a little bit and lose some weight so I can become more elusive.  I’m used to playing right around 220 range, and I’m currently looking to get to 215, so I can be more agile and move faster.  I’m not really sure where teams would like me to be weight wise but I will let them decide what they want to do.  If they want me to be bigger than I will put on weight again and if they want to me to slim I’ll continue to stay at the 215 spot.

CB: Last time we talked you were working out at your local high school, where are you at now?

TD: Yep, I use my football facility at my high school, I use the field to run bleachers, and I use their bags and cones.  I usually workout twice a day, it helps keep me focused on achieving my goals. I would say that I have a Crossfit type of workout so it’s not limited to doing certain things all the time. I don’t have a problem being self motivated, so I tend to workout by myself.  One thing I have been doing is working out with the kids at the high school though; I take the time to help them out as well.  I like to help them by teaching them about college and what it is really like.  I end up coaching and teaching kids as well while I’m working out.  When I work with these kids, I feel like I have to be at my best.  I want to show them that if you put in the hard work you will get results; you could call me their role model so to speak.  Personally coming from playing at The Citadel I consider myself a pretty humble guy though.  I tell people who I am and what I have achieved throughout the year, such as the awards that I’ve won so they can see my hard work.  I try and speak to the kids as much as I possibly can. The reason I played football is to inspire people, inspire them to strive for the best.  All I try to ask of them is that they give it 100% because that’s what I did.

CB: What have you been working on second phase of workout?

TD: During our last talk I had just finished up my first phase and transitioning into the second phase.  With the second phase I’ve been doing more field activity, cones drills and coming out the backfield catching the ball more.  I’ve really been focusing on coming out of the backfield strong; I want to impress scouts in that area because I believe it is one of my strong points.  I’ve also been in the weight room doing more power drills, and building up my muscle endurance. I’ve had good endurance throughout my playing career but I know that I have to take it to the next the level.  By doing this it will help me succeed in keeping my stamina up.

CB: With combines and pro days that are scheduled coming up, how do you feel that you can stand out and make a “splash”?

TD: One thing I pride myself is blocking and catching the football, but we won’t be doing blocking at the combines.  During my route running at the combines I will be able to showcase my catching abilities.  I believe my short shuttle time will be a great asset as well.  During this time I will be able to showcase my speed, which I have been working on most recently.  I honestly I expect to be invited to the super regional combine in Dallas, TX.  I believe that I have the talent and skill set that will showcase this.  I signed up with full intentions in making it to the next combine in Dallas my first try.  The second and third combines I signed up for are mainly to gain more interest in me and have people get to know me better.  I do feel like I have a better shot than most other running backs because of my hard work ethic.  Like I said, I fully expect to be invited to the super regional but if it doesn’t happen than it will make me work even harder for the next.  I have a high school friend who will be attending the combine in TampaBay, so it will be nice to see a familiar face.  He has been on the journey himself and he got a late start but it would be amazing if we both made it to the super regional combine.  It would be something we would both look back on, two teammates out of high school, playing at the next level.

CB: Now you mentioned combines, which ones do you plan to attend?

TD: Well there are three that I currently have plans to attend.  The first is on March 9th which is called the South Florida Tampa Bay Regional Combine.  This is where I hope to showcase my skills and earn that spot to Dallas. The next combine I will attend is on March 16th, which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.  And I’m planning on attend a pro day on March 22nd, in Daytona, Florida.  All these dates are very important in the next few weeks and I’m working extra hard to make sure I’m fully prepared for them.

CB: So I have word that your rumored to be writing your own book, is that true and if so what’s it about?

TD: My mother has always told me that “I believe you will be successful because I have the ability to talk freely”.  She believes that I have overcome adversity throughout my life and I have a story to tell.  One thing I have realized that most players if they choose to write about life in the NFL, they tend to write about their time playing the game.  I wanted to start writing about my journey leading up to playing in the NFL, and if I reach playing in the league.  I plan on calling the book “One Percent Chance”.  There is very good reasoning behind this title that I’ve chosen. Roughly around 1.1 million athletes are in high school football and out of that number about 50,000 make it to collegiate level.  Out of all those player about 0.08% of them have a chance of making it.  I feel that my life has been about that chance, I’ve overcome difficult odds and have been challenged by adversity through injury, and I’ve overcome it.  I believe my journey has showed that you can go from having an average life to being able to achieve your dreams if you put in the hard work.  I want to make a statement with this book, I have put faith in love, I wasn’t really recruited, I was given opportunity and I took it.  During this writing process I am constantly writing down my daily activities.  It’s a daily process writing about what is happening, I’ve even written about the day I signed with my agent.  Topics include changing my diet, daily workouts, the up and downs of personal life with family and girlfriends.  I’m training for this and that everyday and looking to continue writing through the process of my journey. I love the fact that I’m actually going through the process and I can account first hand everything that happens daily. I don’t want to be the person that is sitting by while others workout and I hope this book displays that.

CB: That sounds fascinating and something that I’m sure fans will want to read.  Thank you for taking the time tonight to talk with us again.  We wish you the best in the next few weeks leading up to the combines and look forward to hearing how they went next time we talk.

TD: Thank you Chris, I’m hoping I will be able to give you the good news next time we talk.

For all those interested, be sure to check and follow Terrell on twitter, his handle is @iCU_TD.  Please be sure to check back for more interviews with Terrell as well as more NFL hopefuls on ProFootballCentral.