Top Free Agent Wide Receivers Rankings


By PFC Writer Brian H

The 2013 wide receiver free agent class does not appear to be stacked but does feature a handful of Pro Bowlers who could immediately help a team.

7-)Tedd Ginn Jr

San Francisco 49ers
161 receptions, 2,048 yards, 12.7 average, 6 touchdowns.

Ginn Jr is dead set on getting another chance of becoming a top wideout and fell down the depth chart with the talent filled NFC Champs.

6-)Randy Moss

San Francisco 49ers
982 receptions,15.292 yards,15.6 average,156 touchdowns

Another receiver that felt the result of the talented NFC Champions was Randy Moss. However Moss proved that he could be a role player who is content with a tutor role who can step up when his number is called. At 35 this looks like his last season but if a team can get him at the minimum, they should jump at it

5-)Greg Jennings

Green Bay Packers
425 receptions,6.537 yards,15.4 average, 53 touchdowns

Greg Jennings would be higher on my list if he stayed healthy for a full season. In battling with a nagging groin injury and abdominal surgery, Jennings played a career-low eight games, and caught a career-low 36 passes for 366 yards (10.2 yards per reception) and four touchdowns. He also had the third-lowest YPR for any wide receiver with over 35 receptions.

4-) Mike Wallace

Pittsburgh Steelers
235 receptions,4.042 yards,17.2 average, 32 Touchdowns

Mike Wallace has all the talent in the world but the fact that he made a huge stink over his contract, alienated teammates and put himself in front of team puts him at number 4 on this list. He held out of camp and had a bad season where he posted a career-low 13.1 yards per catch.

3-)Wes Welker
New England Patriots
768 receptions,8.580 yards,11.2 average, 38 Touchdowns

Wes Welker is the toughest wide receiver on this list. He’s probably play with a pulled groin and hit you with it, he’s that tough. A huge drawback with him is the money he is requesting for a soon to be 32 year old inside slant wideout seems hard to match.

2-) Dwayne Bowe
Kansas City Chiefs
415 receptions,5.728 yards, 13.7 average, 39 touchdowns

Dwayne Bowe is the deep threat that many teams are sorely lacking that can stretch the field and dramatically improve an offense. He had at least 1,000 receiving yards in three of his six seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. Bowe led the NFL with 15 touchdown receptions in 2010 and ranked seventh with 1,162 receiving yards. He ranked 10th in receptions and 13th in receiving yards during the 2011 season.

1-) Victor Cruz
New York Giants
168 receptions, 2.628 yards, 15.6 average, 19 touchdowns

Victor Cruz is about to be a restricted free agent and the New York Giants have the right to match whatever offer is presented. The Giants are already fearing the worst by talking to Hakeem Nicks on a new deal and I would not be surprised to see a team go all out to sign the 26 year old Pro Bowler. Giants owner John Mara believes Cruz will test the market and he should command a first-round tender as a receiver with 2,628 yards, 19 touchdowns and a Pro Bowl selection in the last two seasons.