Brian Billick Great Choice For The Eagles


By PFC Writer Brian H

The Philadelphia Eagles have rolled the dice on several college coaches and have crapped out each time. I think a great fallback option would be a coach who already has a Super Bowl ring. Not Jon Gruden. Not Bill Cowher but Brian Billick. Billick, out of the three has expressed a genuine interest to get back into the league and would be a huge spark for the Philadelphia Eagles offense that desperately needs a high octane passing attack that Billick had with the Vikings. Billick hasn’t coached in the NFL since 2007 but studies game film every single day, part of his job with NFL Network. The 58-year-old Billick compiled an 80-64 record in Baltimore, guiding the Ravens to four postseason appearances. He won a championship in just his second season, as the Ravens routed the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV following the 2000 campaign.