Peyton Manning is now the newest Denver Bronco!

Author: Ryan Walriven

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning can now officially call Denver his new home. The Broncos have signed him to a 5 year deal worth a whopping $96M!!
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A team that went 8-8 under Tim Tebow is now a legit threat against every team they play. Before, a defense could key on the run and Tebow and be pretty effective. Now they will have to switch their entire game plans when playing against Denver. How do you stop a QB that can read a defense like it is an open book, calls audibles to throw you off, can put the ball anywhere he wants, and has a super quick release? Basically, you try to contain him because you CAN’T stop him.

From a Fantasy Football perspective, the signing of Manning just tremendously shot up the stocks of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Eddie Royal. It will also help McGahee and Moreno out a lot too because defenses will no longer be able to key on the run since they will have to give lots of respect to the pass. I look for BIG things to come out of Denver this year.