Fan The Cards

By PFC Cardinals Writer Kelley Smelser

This Arizona Cardinal VS Green Bay Packer 2010 Playoff game will take years to digest, in volume, big plays, record yardage and did that really happen, really! Football forged its finest metal from the fires of adversity; see The Monday Night Meltdown against the Bears for more information! Obstacles are those things you see when you take your eye off the goal! Now as fans we’ve came up big, I missed my playoff game ticket, I missed my first Cardinal Home playoff game. I’m about to explode! Now I went to the Panthers game this year and the fans were not seated and not loud until the game was already over, that was not the case against the Falcons or the Eagles last year. They walked away respecting the Arizona Cardinal Football Club Fans on those daze!

Some have read my stories the extra seating aluminum was pounded like a giant snare drum by me throughout the Eagles game! The drunken young AZ Card fan went off on the Card fan sitting with the Eagle fans behind us. When the sudo Card fan shredded the Card Jersey with an Eagles jersey underneath when they took the lead in the 4th! The young fan’s mother asked me to help her son in the fight and He was swinging with all he had and I grabbed him and said ACT RIGHT WE ARE NOT FROM PHILADELPHIA! He was screaming when the Cards had the ball and We got that corrected and I bought him another! We pounded that Aluminum at the right time together with both feet for the rest of the WIN! and that smuck walked away with a losing Philly Jersey on.

We Bow to no one, We are the lords of the Super Bowl Rings, Impossible odds, small chance of success, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR! WE FED OUR CARDS before they needed FED! Fans screamed before the opponents took the field on offense, our fans exploded before they got to the line, and then got louder to start the play. THIS IS OUR COLLECTIVE FAN JOB DESCRIPTION ON GAME DAY! OH YEA!( KOOL AID PITCHER DUDE FLYING THROUGH!) WE did not wait for the Cardinals players to make a play to hear our thunder rock the field. They were starving birds in our nest and we are brought them food! Starved the Packers, FED THE CARDS!

FANS FILLED OUR ROLE, AND BLASTED THEIR OFFENSE WITH MEGA NOISE for 61 minutes! WE gave our Cardinals something more than money to play for! One last thing, loyal Card fans and friends, We turned it up 3 notches when our team was down, penalty, turnover, plays gone bad is when my family needs the most encouragement. We were not dysfunctional WE FUNCTIONED AS A UNIT! The UP stadium joins as one on this day, Our only home playoff game this year! Left it all over the field! As long as we are fans, The Cardinals will not be RULED, BULLIED, and will not be LAID A HAND ON!
That lead by DD and Gabe was decisive! That is the way to blow up a Dline in the playoffs. Does anybody realize the Cardinals do not have a single offensive or defensive player in the top 10 of any acclaimed stat? Not Warner, Fitz, Dockett, RB, Oline not any stat used to measure top players. WE do this together and that’s, what Sportscenter and the media is missing! Ben Grahm has tied a record for punts inside the 20 as a special teams exception. BRING on the SAINTS send them marching home again hurrah hurrah! 

I was screaming to pull DB Michael Adams who made every DB mistake possible in this Green Bay game. I couldn’t understand and still don’t know why rookies Toler and Johnson was not rotated in as the Packers melted a 17 and 21 point lead like butter in hell! The defense couldn’t cover, rush the passer or tackle for the entire center of this game but they won it on the bookends! Mr. Adams I call Mighty Mouse made the sack and strip to win the game in overtime.

THE BEAN should have leaped the defender and scored a TD! But He was head hunting! The defender did the wise thing to live to die another play! THT did some good blocking but I remain convinced that you hurt the team when The Bean is on the bench. 25-30 carries a game RB’s are not dead they have always been rare, Good ones. The Bean is fresh He is coached up and He is ready to rumble!

Now You can save him or spend him for the next 4-5 years as an elite Runner? at 21 He may have 7 – 16 game seasons plus playoffs, to equal the same game totals as Jim Brown at 9 years. Then He turns into a burst power back like Bettis in the late stages of his career. My opinion remains that weather he gets 350 or less than 200 carries a year He will be spent as an elite back in 5 years and then will play 2 more years as a top 10 RB on savvy and above average RB skills/talent. THE BEAN DREAM is still alive at 105 YPG average and 4.5 YPC through 7 NFL 16 game seasons!

The Bean has yet to receive enough carries in a game to show He improves as the game wears on. He has that elite ability, I can feel it in my soul. You seen the defenders quiver as He targets them for annihilation, Defenders flash forward into Sportscenter highlights gone BAD! He will become more instinctual, fluid and powerful after 20 carries in a game! SMUSHDOWNS like that is why girls don’t play the game! Defenders need to get their big girl panties on and quit whining like a little kid.

The Cards Oline, some only see the whiffs not the record breaking performances of Kurt Warner ! I think The Cards would have been better this year with Beanie Featured and starting the whole season, All Whoop about fumbles and He has 4 and lost 2, I’ll take that production from a rookie any day with an top 5 average YPC and this top passing attack. I remain convinced that if we are only going to run 15-22 times a game Beanie needs 20+ of them on this team, then and only then should the other backs get more than 1carry per quarter. I would game plan 5 Beanie runs per 1/4 no matter what even from behind or ahead with the pass game clicking. I can’t see it logical any other way. I can’t believe He dropped to 31 and He can’t believe He was drafted by a SB loser, instead of a bad team set to build around him! You can build a team around THE BEAN,

FEED THE BEAN and Timmy too!