Feed The Bean

By PFC Writer Kelley Smelser

Beanie Wells is a great RB. I wanted to target him as soon as he declared for the draft, proposing that He is the only player at a position of need for the Cardinals that would be worth Anquan Boldin. FA or Draft, Wells is what Arizona is missing. But He fell to 31 and we kept them both, pure gratitude to 31 other teams!

Some say I am  dishing Tim Hightower, I am not THT is not a featured back that can carry an NFL team, but at midpoint this season THT could start on some NFL teams. He is an excellent role player, 2nd tier RB, compared to Michael Pittman or Marcell Shipp. But Beanie is a beast that may have challenged Jim Browns 104 yards per game and 5.2 YPC for a career records. But He is behind only because Coach’s Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm are protecting him and preparing him for long term NFL career. The seasons are longer but Brown had lower yardage in his rookie year also.  I call it the Bean Dream but haven’t been able to get any other fans on board. I think 20-25 carries each game would give The Bean a legit chance at the mother lode of NFL Records, Running back production. Wells is practiced and prepared at this point in 09 now it’s time to participate.

Yes the NFL is about the pass game but this Flying Farting Freight Train is coming around the bend, and defense are ducking or paying the consequences. Nice Kid, nice smile with Jim Brown Game face and ability, AP and Beanie has the torch Edge and LT have carried now FEED the BEAN! And watch the Cardinals explode the barriers.