DeAngelo Hall Involved In Sideline Fight With Former Team

D. Orlando Ledbetter, of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reports Washington Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall was involved in a scuffle Week 9 with several players from the Atlanta Falcons, strength coach Jeff Fish and head coach Mike Smith. Hall said, “I ran over there to kind of pull my guy away. One of their strength and conditioning coaches put his hands on me and started grabbing me. Then it went to various other guys pulling at me and grabbing me.” Hall added, “Later on, coach Smith, Mike came over and grabbed me, talking (stuff) to me. Saying he’ll kick my (butt) and all this other (stuff).” Hall does not believe that Smith was coming over to break up the fight, and feels something needs to be done about Smith’s actions. Hall is planning to call commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss the incident.