Does Brett Favre Need A Psychological Evaluation?

With Brett Favre changing his minds again for the 100th time, this must beg the question does he need a psychological evaluation? Does he really think before he speaks? It sounds like he thinks that he is bigger than any team and better than any player because he doesn’t like training camp. Well I don’t like to go to the dentist but I have to. Why didn’t the Vikings just tell the fans and the media that Favre will sign a contract but will skip training camp. Why did Favre waste everyone’s time by going out of his way saying that he will not return and again cry more crocodile tears? This is clearly not fair for Sage and Tavaris who clearly worked extremely hard to run this team and again they have to immediately take a backseat because Lord Favre has decided to burden us all again with him not being able to accept that fact that he cannot do this anymore and that he needs to step away and let the Matt Ryan’s and Joe Flacco’s step into the spotlight now. Ever heard of passing the torch Brett? Well if not you need to check that ego and pass that torch.