By PFC Cardinals Writer Kelley Smelser

Seems some believe the Cardinals were a fluke in 08. I won’t underestimate the Niners. They are capable of making a run, It depends more on what we do or don’t do in this division. Anybody that presumes We will win the west in a walk is setting the Cards up for failure. The first game this season is just as important as the MNF against the Niners later. we are targeted for their best games this year, yes, we can beat their A game with our A game but We need to bring our A game against every NFCW foe. This is the NFL they all can beat us any given Sunday. We never over achieved last year, We just didn’t under achieve in the playoffs. I expect a 4 way tie in the NFCW next year late in the season. It might come down to tie breaks, every moment counts. Here is why over the marathon of the 2009 season the Arizona Cardinals will be victorious.

Any player scoring 90 or above on a scale of 1-100 could earn a franchise player tag as an elite player in a contract year. The Cardinals core players make the difference.

QB – Kurt Warner / Matt Leinart

Kurt is an all world Hall of fame QB, His arm is impressive but his mind is superior. His legs are pedestrian at best. Imagine what starting NFL QB’s would put Kurt on the bench? few if any? not Eli or Bulger for sure. But it remains up to Kurt and him keeping his interceptions and fumbles within check. those are the only reasons He has ever been benched or replaced here and elsewhere. I place  Kurt Warner’s talent grade 95, capable of a perfect QB rating against any team, (including Pittsburg) on any given Sunday

I would not feel comfortable without Matt backing Kurt up preparing for the future. Imagine ST Pierre  as our only back up. Matt is a very good NFL QB with potential to be pro bowl his next year out and every year after. Matt Leinart is the biggest Hollywood in the NFL. He has STAR POWER and LA doesn’t have a team. everybody needs to get off his AZ for partying and support it. As long as He works hard and stays legal, He thrives on it.  Matt is made for the limelight feed him! He’ll produce better football. He is a different animal than Kurt but it is all good. The Lakers got it going on and play better because of celebrities, they don’t lose focus. They have Stars in their eyes. I feel a supreme confidence over other NFL fans with our QB’s as a tandem. NO OTHER TEAM REMOTELY COMPARES to our average QB talent grade across the position. Matt’s Talent grade is 90 with potential to increase with wisdom. (knowledge + experience)

RB – Beanie Wells

Seems more fans are preaching what he aint than what he is. kind of like Edge. If Beanie was asked to carry the offense, as the featured player we would be a playoff team. He is graded that high by all the experts. He is just an upgrade and a luxury on this team. He is not just a beast he is a once in a generation large fast back. He is what many teams would build a future around, and is a better prospect than Gore, Jackson, Alexander, and Bush. He is Beanie the beast buster, Smushdown if you will. Talent Grade 95

WR – Larry Fitzgerald

The highest graded large Receiver in history. Another player a franchise could build a team around. In fact We did! Since the day He was drafted 3rd overall He has shaped our destiny. He has elite acrobatics, hands, character and football IQ. talent grade 98 and improving! His speed and toughness as a large WR was improved through Lott.

WR – Anquan Boldin

Tough and productive only takes a backseat to a handful of receivers. different skill set than Fitz, Drew screwed up his legacy, Q was set to be a perpetual Arizona Icon long after his playing daze. talent grade 91. character grade will be repaired but lack of elite speed will remain in question.

DL – Darnell Dockett

The system improves his abilities. He is good at all the position skill sets but not yet consistent every down. disappears at times. Can not build a premier defense around him but He can fulfill his role and play at the highest level regularly. Would not earn a franchise tag at his current level. talent Grade 88

LB – Karlos Dansby

Enjoys a system that frees him up to freelance, top coverage LB, may not plug into a disciplined system with same success. dynamic playmaker from any place on the field. a must know where He’s at for offenses game plan. talent grade 90

SS – Adrian Wilson

Smart, tough and disciplined. more versatile than than others at his position. excellent playmaker in pass rush or secondary. has been held back by making up for other’s weakness in secondary. a cornerstone to build a defense around on any NFL team. talent grade 93.

CB – Dominique Rodgers Cromartie

Elite closing speed, acrobatics, ball skills still developing. has not seen all of what NFL WR’s have to offer. rarely makes the same mistake twice. lacks top physical presence and tackling. Has excellent instincts. Hewill have an opportunity to matchup 1:1 against #1 NFL WR’s in his sophomore season. talent grade 90

RT. Levi Brown

The least we hear about him the better, He has become the anchor of our line at RT. When lefty Matt takes over this will be an overwhelming advantage for the Cardinals. Our oline as a unit has established itself as a above average pass protection unit. The good news is they are still developing/ improving as unit and also individuals. they should reach top 5 point of attack winners by the 8th week of the 09 season. Lack of opportunity and emphasis on the run game shows them in a bad light statistically. more shall be revealed. Levi’s talent grade is 91

Reggie Wells would also be a candidate for a franchise tag because of his athletic ability to pull behind the right side on run plays. few LG’s can make the impact Wells can when offered the opportunity. He holds his own at point of attack on all downs. talent grade 88