Roger Goodell Sent Letter To Teams Regarding Alcohol-Related Misconduct

Peter King, of, reports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a stern letter to all 32 teams last week, in effect telling coaches and those in the front office to have fun this summer, but legal fun. Goodell sent the following words to each team: “I want to use this opportunity to remind all NFL personnel – both players and non-players – that the prohibitions on alcohol-related misconduct, including DUI, apply to everyone. DUI is a serious matter which poses great risks to both those who drive under the influence, and innocent third parties. This truth was tragically underscored in Mr. Stallworth’s case. In the past few years, I have not hesitated to impose discipline, including suspensions, on club and league employees who have violated the law relating to alcohol use. Every club should advise its employees of their obligations and our commitment to hold people accountable for alcohol-related violations of law. Please ensure that your employees are aware of the resources available to them, including Safe Ride and similar programs. Let’s make sure that the 2009 season does not bring more tragedy or embarrassment to ourselves and our employees.”