Jack Del Rio Was Right Lombardi Is Rolling In His Grave But Its Not For What Henderson Did

By PFC Editor Brian Harrington

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio realizes that he is a dead man walking this year and should be grateful that he kept his job this past off-season, after a disappointing 5-11 season the exact opposite of their 2007 campaign. So what does he do? Call out defensive tackle John Henderson, one of his best loyal players who has been with this team for 7 seasons. Bad move. The Jaguars had absolutely no help at the wide receiver position which made quarterback David Garrard go from a savior in Jacksonville to a quarterback with absolutely no one to throw to. Just one quarter into the first game of last season, the Jaguars found themselves without three of their starting offensive linemen which resulted in Garrard being either on his back on making rush decisions at the helm.

So after a 5-11 season, barely keeping his job, a good draft and a good off-season what does the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars do?  Call out one of his best loyal players who has been with this team longer than he has. Bad move. He even went as far as mentioning one of the greatest coaches to ever play the game in this tirade. He cited that Lombardi would be bothered by Henderson sitting out a practice, yes that’s correct one practice.

What has Henderson done for this team? Henderson is a seventh year veteran who has only played for this franchise and was selected to the 2005 Pro Bowl and 2007 Pro Bowl. In my humble opinion, Henderson has stuck with this franchise during the best of times and the worst of times and deserves alot better for his head coach to call him out to the media and basically insulting his pain threshold which is disrespectful. What makes a good head coach is that they privately address there players weaknesses and work hard with his staff to correct this, the exact opposite that Del Rio did.

If Jack Del Rio want’s to call anyone out how about calling himself out for his team going 5-11 last season after a very impressive 11-5 2007 season.  I can definitely understand that this team was depleted with injuries and lack of depth but a good coach will find ways to overcome the odds and turn a bad season into a winning season just like Vince Lombardi did.