Looking To Bring More To New Orleans

By PFC Writer J.P King

Have you guys missed me? Well, either way it’s Mom’s day, and aside from all that hoopla with that, let’s talk about a draft addition for the New Orleans Saints, who may look like a Mamma’s boy, but he’s a talented punter who played college ball for SMU. He is Thomas Morstead, and he’s been identified as the newcomer with a strong leg, who is going to be a big help for the New Orleans Saints.
His stats for tackles are rather impressive, but they are not what the New Orleans Saints are looking to focus on with this SMU talent. Instead the Saints are hoping that Morstead, and his punting abilities will gain them the advantage they need to take it all the way next season. Thus, this talented and athletic newcomer is going to try and turn up the heat in the Big Easy, and show everyone what his punting skill are all about.

The key thing that the Saints need to get out of Morstead is consistency. Can Morstead consistently give the Saints the lengthy punts that will create a huge disadvantage for the opposition? Aside from that, can he create that kind of disadvantage for the opposition on a regular basis? These are questions, that need to be and will be answered next season.

Lastly, I don’t know about you, but I am very excited when new talent comes into the NFL, and looks to turn up the heat, and show everyone what they have to offer. Still, what do all of you think about Morstead, and his abilities? Will he shine, burn out, or will it be too early to tell with just one season? Personally, I see nothing but good things for New Orleans with the addition of the former SMU player, and I think that Morstead may be just what they need to get to the top and stay there. Yet, it is about consistency, and that’s something that Morstead must keep in mind, and as always feel free to let me know your thoughts about the Saints and their chances, and their new addition; Thomas Morstead.