2009 NFL Mock Draft Picks 16-32

PFC Writer: Daniel Johns

Here is Daniel Johns Mock Draft Picks 16-32. How far does Jeremy Maclin fall in this depth chart? You might be surprised.

# 16 San Diego Chargers – Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

Why: The Chargers don’t have many holes as their LB core and DB core, even though struggled often in 2008, still are set with Shaun Merrrimen returning and Quentin Jammer and Antonio Cromartie in the backfield.  There offense is equally powerful with a young big-armed quarterback, playmakers Antonio Gates and Chris Chambers catching the ball and with the explosiveness of running backs LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles.  Michael Oher was once regarded as a higher prospect before a so-so combine, but would be an upgrade for San Diego who lost some key components to their once dominate o-line over the past few years.  Chris “Beanie” Wells is an option here as well, to give depth behind Tomlinson to be the next Micahel Turner combo they once had; as Wells is a much bigger and tougher runner than the speedy Sproles.

#17 New York Jets – Chris “Beanie” Wells, RB, Ohio State/Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State

Why: The New York Jets have a bunch of different options here.  They definitely could use some more playmakers on the offensive side of the ball.  They lost starting WR Laverneous Coles to Cincy and their running back Thomas Jones is aging and disgruntled wanting a new contract.  A running back is always an option here if Beanie Wells falls to them as well, however the Jets don’t have a franchise quarterback and that’s always something you don’t want to pass on especially if you’re in dire need of one.  Right now currently on the Jets roster who will be taking snaps under center is Kellen Clemons and Brett Ratliff.  The only problem here is Freeman is a project and probably shouldn’t come in and start right away.  He’s a huge quarterback very similar to the Raiders JaMarcus Russell and has the intangibles to start sometime down the road.  Maybe the Jets go with Clemens this year and make the switch to Freeman after that.  Only reason I added two players here is because since my other version mock draft was turned in 3 weeks earlier, I didn’t get a chance to change Beanie Wells going to New Orleans which is a real possibility, either way Wells will be taken at some point in the first round.

#18 Denver Broncos (from Chicago ) – Brian Cushing, OLB, USC

Why: Well originally I had Chicago here taking WR Jeremy Maclin which I really liked, until Denver had to go and trade their QB Jay Cutler to Chicago in exchange for numerous amounts of high draft picks – this being one of them.  Now Denver sits here in the 18th hole and there’s really a lot of ways they could go here.  It’s no secret Denver needs defense and bad!  I have them already selecting pass rushing Robert Ayers earlier in the first round, now they can take a linebacker to help solidify their disappointing defense.  I can also see them selecting the other USC linebacker Clay Matthews or DE Michael Johnson out of Georgia Tech or heck even a running back … wait naw.

#19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Peria Jerry, DT, Ole Miss

Why: Tampa is another tough one to call because so many people are on the Josh Freeman bandwagon here for updated Mock Drafts.  However, if the big QB is off the board, as I have him going to the Jets, Tampa will likely address their aging defense.  They did get rid of a handful of veterans to make the team look younger, but adding a clogger in the middle of their d-line seems to be the reasonable choice here.  They have a slew of other options I could see going here, but for now I’ll just stick with Peria Jerry.

#20 Detroit Lions – William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

Why: This seems like the consensus pick throughout the web mock drafts if that is, the Lions do go ahead and draft QB Matthew Stafford with the first overall pick.  Then the need for defensive players could come in round 2 and beyond.  As for now, they would be wise to select the rising Beatty at LT to protect their franchise quarterbacks blind-side.  The Lions had interest in Jason Smith which also could be a possibly with their first pick, so it’s almost unanimous that they will take an offensive tackle at some point in the first round.  Jeff Backus can be then moved inside at guard allowing the far more upside of Beatty to protect the left outside of the line.  With these two picks in the first round and the possible realization that they could still land a stud defensive playmaker with the first pick in the 2nd round, scary to think, the Lions could have the best first day draft than any other team!

#21 Philadelphia Eagles – Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia

Why: Yes, I am aware Andy Reid doesn’t tend to select running backs in the first round of Drafts, so Philly landing a running back here would seem unlikely.  But in terms of reality, Westbrook is a stud but hurt way too much.  The Eagles put too much of a burden on him to be their entire offense.  Moreno at the very least would spell Westbrook for his first couple of season.  Then when Westbrook hits that over 30 age for running backs, Moreno becomes the top back in the city of brotherly love.  Eagles fans would probably love this pick as this would give them another playmaker to go with McNabb, Westbrook and DeSean Jackson.  If Philly elects to not go running back, possibly you could see a tight end or defensive end going here.

#22 Minnesota Vikings – Eben Britton, OT, Arizona

Why: A wide receiver seems like a better fit for the Viks at this point, as they still have some solid options along their o-line, but Britton will be too good to pass up if he’s still available here late in the first round.  Getting Percy Harvin and adding him as their slot receiver makes sense here; however with some of his off the field problems and a recent foot/ankle injury, Minnesota will likely shy away.  Also Minnesota is lacking quality depth at corner back, which could also be an option here.  Regardless for the sake of argument, the purple people eaters should take Britton here and add them as their new left tackle, to protect – whoever they dare to go with at quarter back.

#23 New England Patriots – Clay Matthews, OLB, USC

Why: Patriots need some major help at their linebacker position.  Besides last year’s productive rookie Jerod Mayo and veteran Adalius Thomas, the Pats have virtually backup players throughout their core of current linebackers.  With Vrbabel leaving to Kansas City , Clay Matthews would give them an instant upgrade over Pierre Woods and Tully Banta-Cain.  It would be a completely new look for New England at linebacker, something their fans aren’t used to looking at – a completely young crop of talent instead of much older veterans.  They could always use a cornerback in this spot, as there are still plenty of them to go around in this draft.

#24 Atlanta Falcons – Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois

Why: I’m surprised more people don’t have Atlanta going after a cornerback with their first round selection in more mocks around the web.  I don’t think of Von Hutchins and Chris Houston are top starting caliber cornerbacks in this league – but possibly good depth as back ups at this point in their careers.  Anyways, linebacker is also a big need for them as signing Peterson from Jacksonville gives them a veteran presence but he is on the down-side of his career at age 33.  On the offensive side of the acquisition, I really liked the idea of the combination of pass-catching and blocking tight end Brandon Pettigrew, giving Matt Ryan a valuable option to target at tight end.  However, with the recent trade from Kansas City , future hall of fame tight end Tony Gonzalez now comes to Hot-Lanta to give Matty Ice an experience veteran tight end.

#25 Miami Dolphins – Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut

Why: Outside of starting cornerback Will Allen, Miami has virtually no one who should be starting on an NFL team.  Signing former Arizona Cardinal CB Eric Green gives them decent depth, but whose going to cover Randy Moss and Terrell Owens in that division twice a year?  That’s a pretty scary thought for Miami , a team who is very thin at cornerback.  Butler would be the next best cornerback available at this point one the Dolphins shouldn’t pass on.   Other positions of need for Miami here would be wide receiver or nose tackle.  I have them addressing their need for a pass rusher earlier in this first round.

# 26 Baltimore Ravens – Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri

Why: Most mock drafts of Maclin going to Oakland , due to their love for speed.  I even had Maclin going to Chicago for a perfect fit until Denver got their draft picks.  Thus, Maclin falls pretty far on my mock draft and would virtually a huge steal here for Baltimore at this point.  I don’t have many wide receivers going by the point, but there definitely isn’t a shortage of them in this draft, unlike last year’s thin wide receiving core.  Derrick Mason isn’t getting any younger, although still productive as a number 2 WR and Mark Clayton still shows flashes of being a legitimate option, but giving big armed Joe Flacco a stretch the field target like Maclin would defiantly pay dividends for Baltimore ’s sometimes suspect offense.

#27 Indianapolis Colts – Evander Hood, DT, Missouri

Why: Got to give it up to the Colts, they rarely miss early in NFL Drafts.  Something though they need desperately, even more than a need at wide receiver, is defensive tackle help.  With Maurice Jones-Drew signing a big extension for Jacksonville , Houston ’s rookie sensation last year of Steve Slaton and the Titans with a two-headed monster running back system in place, the AFC South division does have talented running backs in which Indy needs to do something about that on defense.  Hood the big DT from Missouri could help clog the line for years to come.  However, you can’t rule out a trio of receivers that Indy could draft at this spot as well.

#28 Buffalo Bills – Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma St .

Why: What an upgrade the Buffalo Bills anemic offense would get in 2009 if they landed Pettigrew with already signed Terrell Owens.  That gives them two big, playmaking targets that both could block as well at the line. Pettigrew might not fall this far, but if he does consider this a steal and a blessing for Buffalo fans.  With Atlanta trading for Gonzo, their need at tight end is gone for the short-term, thus Pettigrew the best tight end in this draft may fall a bit.  However, Philly is in need of a tight end since letting semi-under achieving L.J. Smith go, so it’s all up in the air at this point.  Another defensive end or linebacker here could be another option and even a cornerback later in the draft.

#29 New York Giants – Hakeem Nicks, WR, UNC

Why:  Well I guess a lot depends on if the Giants trade for Braylon Edwards in the fire sell they’re having in Cleveland .  Even if they do acquire Edwards to replace Plaxico Burress, a wide receiver could still be an option here.  Nicks is a talented playmaking WR who could be used in the slot.  Remember the Giants not only lost Plaxico, but also long time NY veteran Amani Toomer.  The Giants defense seems stacked with Osi returning from a season-ending injury all of last year and the signing of Michael Boley at LB, so now Eli Manning needs some more targets to throw to and Nicks, among some other options at WR would work.  A lot of mocks have them selecting a running back at this point as well.

#30 Tennessee Titans – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers

Why: This is nearly a biased pick only, as the Titans are the team I cover here at profootballcentral.com.  I am also fully aware that the Titans absolutely do not draft WR’s in the first round (Kevin Dyson 1998 was the last one).  But this is the pick I would love for them to take; and heck it isn’t a stretch to say they will pull the trigger on a WR.  They lost the bidding war on veteran WR Tory Holt to division rival Jacksonville , although Tennessee did sign former Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steeler WR Nate Washington.  But as we all saw, once Chris Johnson their primary playmaker on offense got hurt in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game against Baltimore , Tennessee had no offense what-so-ever.  Kenny Britt is a big playmaking target and has the body similar to Terrell Owens.  In the likely hood the Titans skip on yet another wide receiver, corner back is the next direct option; Nick Harper turns 34 years old and they need a starter opposite of Cortland Finnegan.  Either way WR and CB needs to be address in rounds 1 and 2.

#31 Arizona Cardinals – Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut

Why: Well because this gives Arizona a compliment to Tim Hightower.  Who knows what will happen to disgruntled Edgeran James, not to mention Aquan Boldin as well.  Either way Zona needs something else on offense here, because if Boldin and James leave, after Larry Fitzgerald they are suddenly not left with much.  Brown’s stock has been rising and it gives Arizona a tough down the field runner.  Offensive line help always seems to be a need down in the desert, as well as some various positions of depth they will need to fill on the defensive side of the ball.  But for now, Donald Brown seems like the safe pick that makes the most sense.

#32 Pittsburgh Steelers – Alex Mack, C, California

Why: I tried selecting a different player here, not just what almost all other mock drafts thinks Pittsburgh will select, but I had a hard time finding a definite need for them other than their offensive line.  It was no secret the woes of the o-line had on Pittsburgh .  Big Ben was scrambling for his life for much of the year and saw himself being sacked and pressured quite a lot.  Pittsburgh recently let big Max Starks go to San Fran, making their need for an o-linemen even higher.  Alex Mack would provide a solid center for the future under center for Roethisberger.  Deshea Townsend and Fernado Bryant are going to be 34 and 32 respectfully, and loosing Bryant McFadden to Arizona on top of all that makes cornerback help always a late first round option here as well.

Other players that could crack the first round (not listed in my first round mock draft) are:

WR’s: Percy Harvin Florida , Darrius Heyward-Bey Maryland , DT Ron Brace Boston College, DE Michael Johnson Georgia Tech and LB James Laurinatis Ohio State .