Bengals To Trade Ocho Cinco On Draft Day?

The Cincinnati Bengals are reportedly taking calls from any NFL team that is looking to acquire Chad Johnson aka Chad Ocho Cinco and are willing to trade him on or before draft day. Some teams that are reportedly interested and that have received calls from the Bengals are the Oakland Raiders, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans.  The asking price that the Bengals are asking for is currently unknown but they are reportedly asking for atleast a second round pick in this years draft in which they will use to draft a reciever and a couple of other draft picks. Ocho Cinco, 31, is coming off one of his worst pro seasons, in which he had only 53 catches for 540 yards and four touchdowns. He also was deactivated for a November game against the Pittsburgh Steelers for violating a team rule. The Bengals finished 4-11-1 last season.