PFC Draft Journal: DJ Boldin

Wake Forest wideout DJ Boldin has just updated his rookie journal.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver coach David Culley flew down here in fort ladaudale to work me out this past week and I felt I had a good workout. Coach Culley is a great man, he had the opportunity to coach my brother Anquan in two Pro Bowls and the most recent one was this past Pro Bowl so the workout experience with coach Culley was great because he knows great receivers when he see them. He also had the chance to workout my good friend Kenny Moore last year before the draft.

What the visit and workout from coach Culley made me realize is that I was making a name for myself. I mean I don’t know of many guys in this draft that had the opportunity to workout for a team even before that team had a chance to see them perform at the combine or pro day.While I was working out for the Eagles my brother was right there watching me .I must say he has been my biggest supporter during this workout. I know he knows how much pressure this can be on me but he also knows that I have the ability to play football on a professional level. So he has been there for me the whole way physically and mentally. Well I will have to achieve better than what he did in six years in the NFL. I know it is a hard task but I’m up for the challenge.