Cutler’s Agent Holds Denver for Ransom

By PFC Writer James McMurtry

Well it looks as if Jay Cutler and the Broncos have now put themselves in a pickle.  Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels met face to face on Saturday and it is reported by a source close to Jay that it didn’t improve the situation. Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, looks to be pushing for a new contract.  It also looks like he is pushing Jay Cutler’s buttons too.  Whether this contract be signed in Denver, or another team, Cook sees dollar signs that are ripe for the taking.

Although it isn’t confirmed, the word on the street was that Shanahan was going to commit to Cutler on a long term contract after the 2009 season.  The contract likely would have been to highest in NFL history.  With Shanahan gone the security of a new contra ct is also gone, and now it looks like Cook doesn’t trust the new regime in light of the failed Cassel trade.  You can try to blame Cutler all you want for this, but the fact of the matter is that he is being advised and steered by his agent who must have already put an order in for a new Ferrari and now needs to make sure he can pay for it.

Cook is notorious for putting franchises and fans through turmoil regarding their quarterbacks.  Brett Favre and Steve McNair both were the talk of the offseason in their disputes with their teams.  Both ended up leaving for big signing bonuses.  Signing bonuses is where agents make most of their money.

I seriously doubt that Jay is listening to anyone else right now but his agent who will advise him to skip the teams “ State of the Team” meeting on Monday where Josh McDaniels will speak to the team for the first time.  The only one that can fix this situation is Jay Cutler who needs to show up and prove himself in 2009 to the new coach and show that he is a team player.  Currently he is losing the respect of the coach and his teammates.  If he keeps listening to someone who is only concerned with money and not his career, Jay could be in for a long summer.

I can see this turning into a holdout that will end in a new contract or a trade.  The trade is truly the lesser of the two possibilities since Denver has no truly decent options at starting quarterback.  Cutler may change his mind come April because he will soon be fined for missing mandatory workouts as opposed to “voluntary workouts”.

The biggest contracts in NFL History were executed by Bus Cook.  This is from his website

·         Negotiated the first $100 Million Contract in the history of the NFL. Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers, 2001.

·         Negotiated contract that made Steve McNair highest paid player in NFL history over the first three years, 2001.

·         Assisted with the negotiations on Randy Moss’ $75,000,000 contract, largest non-QB contract in NFL history, 2001.

·         Negotiated then-largest rookie contract in the history of the NFL.  Steve McNair, Houston Oilers, 1995.

·         Negotiated then-largest contract in the history of the NFL.  Brett Favre, Green Bay Packers, 1997.

·         Negotiated contract that made Brett Favre Nike’s highest paid football representative in 1997.