Chicken Soup for the Disgruntled QB’s Ego…er Soul

By PFC Writer James McMurtry

Now that the dust has settled in Broncoland from the dramatic outbursts of QB Jay Cutler and rumors on the internet, there will be an actual meeting of the coach and the quarterback next week. It’s too bad this meeting won’t be publicized like the drama that has been the big topic over the weekend.  It could be better than the final episode of the bachelor when the guy dumped the girl he had proposed to live on TV.  That’s entertainment!
In an announcement on there will be what looks like a kiss and makeup session between Denver Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels and franchise QB Jay Cutler.  Both of them are going to meet in Denver next week when Cutler returns from his home in Nashville, but isn’t this really more appropriate for the set of Dr. Phil?

Can’t you just see Dr. Phil having both of them sitting in comfortable couches in front of a live audience? Jay’s face all pouty wiping away tears as Dr. Phil turns to McDaniels, “Now Josh don’t you have something that you want to say to Jay? Don’t you want to tell him how you realized that he could never be replaced by another quarterback?” Dr Phil says with his slow southern voice…..

Now what really happened is anyone’s guess, but there are a few facts that led to Cutlers’ talented feathers getting ruffled.

Fact 1:  A trade for him to either Detroit or Tampa for QB Matt Cassel was discussed.

Fact 2: Jay Cutler heard about it first through his agent and not his coach.

Fact 3: Jay spoke to the media first about how upset he was and not to his coach.

Fact 4: The Broncos are now saying that Jay Cutler is not on the trading block period.

Fact 5: We are in a deep recession and the NFL is a distraction from that reality.

Regardless of what the trade actually was doesn’t matter now.  What matters is how Cutler’s bruised ego is going to be healed so that the Pro Bowl QB can move forward with learning a new and complex playbook that was behind the highest scoring offense in NFL.  That’s all that matters for Josh McDaniels career and the Denver Broncos at this point.

So how is this reunion of love going to happen?  Well when you are mending a broken ego there is nothing that says we love you like a note with “I’m sorry”, and a huge heaping mountain of cash.  It is really hard to be mad at someone when they give you loads of money for just being too big to let go.  Just look at the failing companies of this country.  See, happy.

This debacle is going to end in a brand new contract for Jay Cutler probably making Jay one of the highest paid players in the NFL.  If Jay’s agent Bus Cook has positioned himself like it appears, and it sure looks like he has, this will get done in the next two weeks.  Maybe they will just be friends with no new contract. However, I think that Josh will have to get down on one knee, and ask Cutler to be his QB for the next 7 years with a huge signing bonus and hopefully a ring in 2009.