Cutler Trade Rumors Amidst Shrewd Free Agent Signings

By PFC Writer James McMurtry

Cutler Being Traded, Demanding A Trade, ……. Bogus. You wonder if the Denver Post and local news stations are trying to justify their jobs in light of The Rocky Mountain News closing its doors on Friday.  The rumor that got back to Denver QB Jay Cutler was that he is in the process of being traded for Matt Cassel and draft picks.  Jay was upset and did a phone interview with local news channel Gary Miller telling his feelings on the matter.  Jay said he was upset and seemed to be willing to leave if that was the case.  Also, the Broncos GM Brian Xanders was contacted and said that the team had no intention of trading Cutler.
This is a mountain out of a molehill situation for the moment.  Expect a press conference by Josh McDaniels on Monday at the latest to clear things up.  I would imagine that the coach and QB have already had a conversation by the end of the night to assure that the club was merely listening to all offers that clubs were making.  You had bet that the Patriots have had calls on Tom Brady and that the top players in the league get calls like this every year.

Ironically the two teams that stirred this up were Detroit and Tampa Bay, two teams desperate for a QB and success, and didn’t have Matt Cassel on their roster.  They apparently were the ones proposing a three way trade.  Obviously the actual team that had Cassel on their roster, The Patriots, were busy trading with the Chiefs.  Every team in the NFL would want to have Jay Cutler and if they thought there was a chance of prying him away from a young and inexperienced coach than they would have tried.  Sorry Detroit and Tampa , no Cutler for you.

Free Agent Signings

The Broncos Officially Signed Pro Bowl Safety Brian Dawkins.

This was a great move to fill a position that Denver was desperate for going into 2009.  He will bring talent and leadership to a defense that finished in the bottom 5 of nearly every single defensive statistic.

Denver has been one of the most active teams in free agency.  They are still looking to fill the role of MLB, CB and fill out there defensive line.