Ware Says Ray Lewis Wants To Be A Cowboy

In an interview with the team’s official web site, Pro Bowl linebacker DeMarcus Ware recants several conversations that he had with fellow Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis and Ware was remarkably candid about the situation. “[W]hen we played Ray Lewis and Baltimore at the end of the season,” Ware said, “he came over and pointed to my helmet.  He said, ‘I want to wear this star on my helmet, that’s my dream . . . that’s my dream.’  When we got to the Pro Bowl, he did it again.  He came at me every day.  It’s a great opportunity for him.  His door is open.  He’s an unrestricted free agent.  He’s trying to get down where the star is.  He told me he needed me to get him Jerry Jones’ phone number for him.  I just busted out laughing.” And Ware doesn’t think Lewis is merely trying to leverage Baltimore into giving him more money.  “I think he is genuine,” Ware said.  “Believe me, he is genuine.  He talked to me before he became a free agent.  He talked to me two years ago about it.  He calls me about once a week and talks about it then.  I even said, ‘Hey, Ray, I’m tired about talking about this.  You need to find Jerry Jones’ number and fly out there and talk to him. . . .  He says things like ‘D-Ware, I need to get down there.  You’re the pass-rush guy and I need to play with you.  Just call Jerry for me. Just call him.  Just call him.’”