The Redskins Decisions

By JP King

This one is for one of my former favorite teams; the Washington Redskins.  This is also hot off the press as the events that are about to be mentioned took place just a few days back. According to The Canadian Press the Redskins have just re-signed Ethan “the red-snapper” Albright to a one year contract. However, this isn’t the only news about the Redskins. The team also claimed running back Anthony Alridge.

Thus, it appears as though the Redskins could prove to be a force to reckon with the addition of Alridge, and the resigning of Albright. Albright, or “the red-snapper,” as he is known has a history with not only the Washington Redskins, but he also played for such teams as the Green Bay Packers, the Buffalo Bills, and the Miami Dolphins. As far as Alridge is concerned, now that he has recovered from his injury you should look for him to make a strong return and a big impact for the Washington Redskins.

Still, there are many teams out there who will be looking to make all types of additions and/or changes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place to chat, or hear about those changes continue to stay focused and stay tuned to

Also, any arguments, complaints, or overall disagreements are always welcome, and believe I’d love to hear you’re thoughts on the Washington Redskins, and all the other teams I write about. So yeah, let’s get ready for more up to the minute excitement within the NFL, and most importantly let’s get ready next season.