Looking Forward and Backward

By PFC Writer JP KIng

Well, forgive me for not throwing my two cents in recently, but I’m still recovering from last weeks Super Bowl. Of course I am not recovering from the ads or even the really bad ass half-time show. Furthermore, I have to admit that even though I was dead tired from the long week, that nothing and I mean nothing could have kept me away from seeing what was nothing short of a phenomenal game.

Now, come on let’s be honest we all know what I’m talking about as it refers to last weeks big game. I mean what an amazing run as history was made during an interception in which everyone was sure the Cardinals were going to tie it up. Still, what was even more amazing than the actual amount of yardage that was run, is that being a large person myself, I couldn’t help but cheer, scream, and stare on with pride as I thought to myself: “Hey there’s hope for us fat guys after all.” Nevertheless, the game was a true nail biter till the end, with the Steelers pulling it out with a 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Yet, the time for celebrating, toasting, and boasting is long over. Now we look ahead to what next season will offer. I for one as a Lions fan, and native of Detroit am hopeful. I am hopeful that this year will offer the Lions the chance to capitalize on new talent, a new structure, and a new way of organizing, picking, and recruiting members of the future team. Personally I hope they make good decisions based upon solid records. However, I hope they understand that it’s not necessarily within the NFL that they should be looking, but instead it is within the great collegiate athletes here in Michigan that deserve a shot at improving and bringing back the energy that this team and city so desperately need.

It may surprise many of you, but a good fit for the Lions, and a collegiate team with a solid record that could help bring a new vibe, would have to be those who played for Grand Valley State University. Grand Valley, has had a consistent record of major wins, and domination throughout the entire GLIAC Conference, and thus with some re-working from a leadership perspective, and a boost from one of Michigan’s most underrated teams, the Lions could prove to be a formidable, and much more successful team this year.

Of course many of you may disagree with me, and hell that’s half the fun of being a writer and being me. Yet, after reviewing the tapes of Grand Valley games you may see things a little differently. Although, instead of being pessimistic, all I ask is that you see things from my perspective. The perspective of understanding that  they can’t do worse than this year, so what do they have to lose with the potential of gaining success? As always feel free to rip me to shreds, and leave me your thoughts and comments.