PFC Dealt Cardinal Fan A Royal Flush

By PFC Writer Kelly Smelser

I predict a 28 to 21 Cardinals win tomorrow but really feel it will be closer to 41 to 17 Cardinals because around 4 turnovers. I don’t trust the NFL officials to call a clean game or the Steelers to play fair and Square like the Cardinals 1947 fight song! The Pittsburgh Steelers are plus 7 going into SUPER BOWL XLIII from my analysis! I have lost all hope of the networks, CBA, owners or players union addressing the integrity of the game through replay technology and accountability. One man’s opinion only backed my thirst for NFL history and decades as a Cardinals Fanatic! I do have my eye on a free kick from a punt at the end of the first half like Coach Whizenhunt called earlier this year and Neil Rackers shanked it, Neil is capable!

What does the world want to know about the Arizona Cardinals before the their first super bowl? Poor NFL fans haven’t got a chance from what I’ve seen on the media. Thank God for Pro Football Central. I am wrong a lot and I’m OK with being wrong, I do not feel sorrow and sadness and I am not sorry. In between jobs and life and losing my home, PFC gives fans a voice among this chaotic dysfunctional world and PFC delivers passion and substance to fanatics for free. PFC welcomes comments and input from fans and media professionals alike, and there is no off season.

Myself I have been an award winning professional sports and newspaper reporter in Arizona . I had integrity, work ethic, research resources and paid time. PFC is an opportunity to play in the mud and the blood and the beers with strong personalities, opinions and passionate creative fanatics around the NFL. I enjoy Laura Healy and NFL fans around the country and the world who answered and raised questions from different perspectives. If someone really desires to explore the Cardinals or NFL teams with an attitude and make your opinion known, this is the place to set up camp. I thank PFC for accepting all of me the good and the bad, rip away the wreckage of my faults so I can better be a Arizona Cardinal fan.

NFL Network is not available in my area and I have a resentment against the NFL for leading the NFL toward professional boxing’s decline through pay per view and manipulating the market. The Phoenix Suns pay per view flop is a direct illustration of the outcome. The NFL is stepping on their Richards and their $100,000 per second advertising cost for this year’s Super Bowl in a depressed economy. ESPN has ran fluff and personality without substance. The same story different day and with out meat and taters. We get it Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, Big Ben and the Steelers’ defense.  and most every hard core Cardinals fan and quite a few of the bandwagoners  I share with is sick of it, puking vial green faced sick of it!

I challenge fans of every team in every corner of the world to participate! I’m begging you! Help me answer some question’s that are never answered or asked by these media  professionals formerly football players. I’ve came out swinging.  If they won’t inform us lets inform them what we care about on our team and our passions. We need to put principles above personalities and get what we pay for or take it for free! I’m really a calm humble person in most every aspect of my life except football. It is my hobby, my release, my passion, in short, Hour after Hour it’s my moment in between. How about you?  My fanatic storied needs?  Please answer if you can I have no faith the paid media will in a timely matter. They haven’t done so yet!

1. Arizona Cardinals team and individual talent? Where is the individual talent grades at each players positions and average grade across the 53 man roster? Across the offense, defense the special teams. How many back ups are starter graded talents compared to the Steelers, and the other playoff teams and the rest of the NFL? Contrary to reporting this is the 3rd NFL Championship game for the Cardinals curse and all, ties run deep through 3 cities. The last 5 living members of the Cardinals 1947 championship brought NFL history full circle. What do they know about the travelling teams, the Cardinals, the players,  the state of the NFL from the 1925 Cursed NFL Championship? Is this our last chance to bring history full circle and document so the NFL can learn from history, instead of making the mistakes they are making RIGHT NOW with their fan base?  What about the history from 1920 back to 1898, How would the likes of Jerry Jones hold up as an owner in the good ole days?

2. Edgerrin James : What is his career playoff stats?  Was his  9th playoff game against Atlanta , 10th Carolina , 11th Philadelphia ?  Where is he on the all time Running Back records for rushing and yards from scrimmage?  When and what plays did he advance from 14th all time to 11th all time this playoffs, over 3500 touches over 3000 carries with 36 fumbles, 659 first downs?  How many yards does he need to go 10th all time in Rushing? What records can Edge advance or set in the super bowl?

3. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin broke records for reaching receptions an yardage milestones faster than any other receivers in history? In their career and the playoffs how do compare to Hines Ward and other Steelers receivers, playoff teams, NFL and it’s history?

4. Donavan Mcnabb is very comparable to Big Ben except he is a much better QB! Was the Eagles offensive line better than the Steelers? Will Big Ben put up 379 yards against this Cardinal Defense like Mcnabb and why not?    How did these playoff games prepare the Cardinals for this moment this Super Bowl? Has the Steelers faced a series of comparable foes on offense or defense?

5. Is the defensive philosophies of each team is an interesting contrast? Why do the Cardinals move to the prevent and give up most their yardage late in the games? Do the Cardinals give up yardage and stats because it allows more take-aways as a priority?  Do the Steelers concentrate on just stopping every yard possible as a priority and turnovers are a byproduct?

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