Goodell Says Burress Is Not A Repeat Offender

Mike Garafolo, of the Newark Star-Ledger, reports NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked why New York Giants WR Plaxico Burress (leg) was not suspended as soon as charges were filed. The commissioner’s office said earlier that they would wait for the legal situation to play out. Goodell said, “We’re looking at repeat offenders and we may not wait for the process to conclude when we have repeat offenders. You can have false accusations once, maybe twice. When you start getting to multiple (arrests), you’re putting yourself in the wrong position, you’re making the wrong decisions in the wrong places. At that point in time, you’re reflecting poorly on the NFL itself, your teammates.” League spokesman Greg Aiello said Goodell has not thought about how much the team’s four-game suspension of Burress would play into his thinking on a potential league suspension.