“Getcha’ Luggage Ready?”

By PFC Writer Bradley C. Davis

TO or no TO? That’s the million dollar question. Actually, it’s more like a 9.6 million dollar question. With all the rumors in, out and around Dallas of whether or not TO will be back next season it’s hard to tell fact from fiction.

Let’s face it, the guy is a game changer.  Defenses have to change their game plans to prepare for him, so his presence alone makes the offense as a whole better. He draws double coverage and defenses have to respect his speed. His ability to get to the ball and come down with it is what has made him one of the most feared receivers in the league. Look at it this way, Roy Williams would be the number one receiver on any other team, any other team without Terrell Owens.

Let’s look at the drawbacks of TO. He drops the ball. Like, a lot. Assuming you’ve seen ESPN Sportscenter within the past year then you know TO causes drama. Funny story, during the middle of this 2008 season TO started whining about Tony Romo only throwing the ball to Jason Witten because the two are best friends. I did some research and found that TO was not only being an unnecessary distraction, he was dead wrong. Now Jason Witten did have more catches on the season than TO but TO had more passes thrown his way. Witten had about 10 more catches and TO had about 10 more attempts in his direction. Now I have seen TO make some of the most incredible catches ever caught on film and I have also seen TO drop passes when he was wide open.

There are several fans out there who think the Cowboys can cut or trade TO and simply wash their hands clean of him. Well, it’s not that easy.  Owens and the Cowboys just restructured his contract last season locking him up for four years. Terrell Owens is not cheap and an early departure would cost the Cowboys 9.6 million dollars in salary cap room.  The Cowboys have too many expensive players to waste that kind of money.  Not to mention they have too much money tied up in him to watch him score touchdowns for another team.

To defend Owens I’ll say this, he just wants to win football games and he wants to win a Super Bowl. Personally, I have no problem with TO or his mouth. Everybody wants to talk down about him for complaining when the team loses and keeping his mouth shut when they win but what great competitor hasn’t done this? I mean just look at the fans, they/we do the same exact thing!  When the Cowboys are winning, fans have only good things to say and when the team is losing, they want to be a coach. Why is the expectation any different for the players?  I mean, if I’m not mistaken, none of the fans go through mini camps, none of the fans go through training camp, none of the fans practice with the team and certainly none of the fans are on the field between the hash marks on Sundays.

This making any sense?

This Cowboys team needs a kick in the rear and they’re certainly not getting it from the head coach. So forgive TO for wanting to win but imagine it was your job. Is there any politician that doesn’t want to be President? Is there any salesman that doesn’t want to be the highest grossing salesman in the company? Is there any student that doesn’t want to graduate?  No.  So tell me why is it so hard to believe that anything less than a Super Bowl ring is failure to a football player.

This making any sense?

You could argue that he throws off the team chemistry and I can’t argue with that. Not because I believe it’s true but because I’m not on the team. Now maybe you were much better at Chemistry in High School than I was but I still don’t see were a teammate wanting to win causes friction.

Terrell Owens wants to win a Super Bowl.  Terrell Owens needs to win a Super Bowl… and the Cowboys need Terrell Owens.

Making any sense?