Not off the Hook

By PFC Writer JP King

Okay, so more than likely you don’t live under a big rock or on another planet, and you know that the Eagles will not be participants in this year’s Super Bowl. So, if you bothered to read my last piece, you read that I was in somewhat of a predicament in regards to the whole Eagles and Steelers rivalry as it pertained to this year’s Super Bowl. However, with the Eagles not being in the Super Bowl, you’d think that I was in the clear with my family? That seems right, doesn’t it? Well, no, not at all.

With these years match-up featuring the Steelers and the Cardinals, let’s just say that I’ve been warned and told who to support and cheer for. Still, at the same time I was left in somewhat of a state of shock, when the Eagles did not pull it off against the Cardinals.  I mean honestly this is a team that has always had its share of not only die-hard fans, but also A-list fans as well. Thus, it was a huge surprise to me to see the Eagles fall to the Cardinals.

Although, it isn’t always about the fans, and yeah I know that, but still I was hoping for some more drama in my life, and yes I was hoping for a Steelers Vs Eagles Super Bowl. Aside from dramatics though, based upon the Eagles overall 2008 record, it was very much a shock to see them not overcome the Cardinals, and advance to the Super Bowl. This is not to say that I am disappointed or that I underestimated the Cardinals, but instead I am more or less just in shock and very surprised.

Nevertheless, this year’s big game is shaping up to be not just a good one, but an awesome one. Also, be sure to check back here as I will be doing interviews with some different peoples who have different opinions about just who will walk away with the glory in this year’s Super Bowl.

Lastly though, if you thought I was off the hook and that it would be easy to support the Steelers, think again. I’ve been given stern advice, and you’ll have to see what happens in regards to if I take it, or leave it. So until next time, remember there is no easy way out when it comes to this great sport, and really would we have it any other way? I hope not, and I know you agree, so let the trash talking begin, and let’s have some fun and let’s get rowdy.