“I Didn’t Mean It, Honest”

By PFC Writer Bradley Davis

“Don’t ya’ll understand statements or something?  Our coaching staff is in place!” – Jerry Jones, December 28th, 2008.  Sounds good…until three weeks later, when Jones announces the dismissal of his Defensive coordinator and Special teams coach. 

First let me say that I agree with both of these moves – but what intrigues me is why just three weeks ago Jones would be so adamant about keeping his staff, only to change his mind less than a month later.  Something big must have happened, something in addition to the embarrassing loss to the Eagles which knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs.

What might that “something big” be, you ask?  How about Mike Shannahan getting fired by the Denver Broncos?  That’s big.  I have no inside source but mark my words – Mike Shannahan will be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys next season.  It’s no secret Jones and Shannahan have a good relationship, but I think it surprised everyone, including Jerry Jones, when Shannahan was let go by the Broncos.  Granted, the Broncos had a very disappointing season, but I don’t think Shannahan should be blamed for all of it.  The man was forced into starting his seventh – that’s right, seventh – running back of the season in the Broncos’ final game.

Although I foam at the mouth just thinking about what this offensive guru could do with the talent the Cowboys have, I’m not convinced he’s the solution to the Cowboys’ problems.  Despite Dallas’s dip in offensive production last year, their offense is the least of their concerns.  They need a defensive genius to turn this ship around.  They could hang half a hundred on everyone without a good defense (see the 2007 New England Patriots for a good example of this), but, as we all know, defense wins championships and offense simply sells tickets.

The question now is, which is Jerry Jones more concerned with?  Keep in mind he has a 1.3 billion dollar stadium to pay for.