Mo”Bill” Alabama: There’s A Tuna Sighting At The Senior Bowl

By PFC Writer Ricky Bartle

The Senior Bowl, in Mobile, Alabama, is a who’s who for NFL scouts, executives, and coaches. Ladd-Peebles Stadium’s bleachers are filled with NFL brain trusts looking for the Saturday stars that can make big plays on Sunday. But over the past five years, it’s been a tuna free zone. That streak came to an end this year as Bill Parcells sat head to toe in Dolphins gear taking in the South teams’ practice. Surrounded by former protégé, Bill Belichick, and current protege, Tony Sparano, Parcells gave future NFL players a first hand look. This is important for the Dolphins who are looking to fill some holes that were exposed during a playoff loss.  It is also important because it means Parcells is on board with new team owner, Stephen Ross. Or does it?

“What does it look like I’m doing,” barked Parcells to the Sun- Sentinel. “What do your eyes tell you?”  My eyes tell me that VP of Football Operations doesn’t appear to be a position the Dolphins will be shopping for this offseason. But Dolphins fans have been fooled before and are eager to breathe a sigh of relief that a confirmation from the mouth of Parcells could give them.  Parcells who has roamed the NFL over his hall of fame career has learned to never guarantee anything. As Parcells spends the next couple days in Mobile entrenched in meetings with players, watching film and attending practice and the game, it will appear he is here. But when Parcells returns to Florida, he will still have time on his thirty day time table, as per his current contract, to decide if Stephen Ross and the Dolphins are headed in the direction that he wants to go. So with his future in question, it’s hard for some to figure out why a VP who didn’t travel with the team would travel to Mobile.

Early indications from Parcells are that he likes the direction Ross is taking with the Dolphins and is not using his contract clause to get a new deal. “It’s not about money,” said Parcells “I’ve got more than I can spend.” So if it’s not about money, it’s clear to say it’s about power.  As long as Bill feels he has it, then all is well in Miami.  Parcells has also indicated that he has a desire to continue to mentor the growth of Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.  Parcells at this stage of his career has taken on mentoring as a return on a promise he made to Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, and Al Davis who did the same for him early in his career. So, while Parcells evaluates talent, he will also be evaluating Stephen Ross. A thumbs up for both can only mean good things for the Dolphins and their future.