Dolphins Sale Might Require Note, But Could Finalize Today

By PFC Writer Ricky Bartle

How anxious is H. Wayne Huizenga to sell the Miami Dolphins and avoid and increase in tax? So anxious it appear that the sale could finalize with a note; a bank note for the remaining amount owed by incoming owner Stephen Ross. Ross, who paid $550 million last year to acquire 50 percent of the Miami Dolphins, is struggling to complete his purchase of the remaining 45 percent. Ross, according to The Wall Street Journal, is among a group of developers seeking aid from the government in these tough economical times. As Ross continues to look for additional investors, Huizenga is said to be open to the idea of holding a bank note for part of the balance owed. It is unclear whether the sale will finalize before the capital gains tax increases from 15 to 20 percent, but it is clear that the increase is dictating the pace of the sale. While neither Ross nor Huizenga could be reached for comment, it is clear to those close to the sale that both parties continue to work swiftly towards an agreement and could be finalized today.