Family or Friends

By PFC Writer JP King

With the buzz and excitement surrounding the 2009 Super Bowl, I find myself in a rather interesting and hot predicament.  I’ve always considered myself somewhat if not a complete diplomat when it comes to making peace between family, friends, and well, whoever else. However, that unfortunately will have to change, and it does have to change, now that there is a chance, that the Steelers could be playing the Eagles in this year Super Bowl.

You see even though I reside in the Midwest, and I was born here, the majority of my family is from out East in the Philadelphia area. Thus, it would seem clear that I should be 100% behind the team that both of my Grandmothers are die hard fans of. Well, it’s not that easy. Here in the Midwest, I have friends who are originally form the Pittsburg area, and they are putting their trust in me to back the Steelers, in the midst of what could be a huge clash in this somewhat unknown bitter rivalry.

The simple solution would be to say that perhaps neither team will make it, and I have nothing to worry about. However with the Eagles impressive season and big wins, and with the Steelers big win over the Chargers, it appears as though I do have something to worry about.

However, instead of worrying all I will say is that I truly hope for the sake of both teams that they make it to the Super Bowl. Furthermore, I believe based upon the overall history and passion behind the team that if it comes down to these two, I’ve got to go with the Eagles. But enough about my reasoning and predicament, what do you think? As always feel free to leave me any comments, thoughts, or opinions about who you believe will win at this year’s Super Bowl.