1947 NFL Championship Rematch Cardinals Pluck The Eagles

By PFC Cardinals Writer Kelley Smelser

The Arizona Cardinals are experiencing a fan explosion of epic proportions, bandwagoneer’s, folks coming out of the closet, naysayers from all across the globe are getting red-y for a championship game. The Universe and beyond is welcome and seem to be posting on the Cardinals message board. 
No fans in the history of sports have felt our lows, other fans can not even comprehend the penned up frustration ready to be released. The MNF Bears game anybody remember how many times we have clenched defeat from the jaws of victory! We are reluctant to lay it out on the line reluctant to whisper how good it feels reluctant to shout how good we really are, Just in case.

Well there is no yesteryear or tomorrow, no 1925 cursed championship, nothing stopping us from being the loudest fans on earth come Sunday. Our UPS are full of Cards fans and from Philadelphia ’s very first offensive snap let’s rock the rest of the world! I’ve been to 2 county fairs, a hanging and a goat cutting but never seen nothing like this!

This is a link for new fans and old to catch up with the history of the Cardinals and How they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 28-21 in the 1947 pro football championship. Bill Bowtie Bidwill was there and I hope the Cardinals win it for the old man and hang a huge Bowtie on the stadium. There has never been a more criticized individual in sports or a more dedicated person to professional football. He has forgot more about the NFL than most ever knew. He finally has a home stadium and an even playing field with other teams. He has shouldered Burdens all his life that have broken lesser men with charity and class. He may have never been a winner but he has always been hero.


The Cardinals ultimate flex, bend don’t break, high risk high reward defense was executed to perfection for the first time against the Carolina Panthers last Saturday Night! It is easy to say Jake had a bad game; the truth is that there is the huge divide of defensive philosophy from other playoff teams. It just hasn’t been executed effectively consistently until right now. The Carolina game was perfect execution of Clancy Pendergast’s defensive philosophy. Six different  Cardinal players playing multiple roles in multiple sets showing multiple looks to the QB and reward of a turnover. It is a difficult defense to master, and has taken years to teach but when it is right it is superior. Remember that Clancy Pendergast has coached this defense longer than Ken Whisenhunt has been the Head Coach in Arizona .

I have been critical this year and in the past because it was not executed consistently, feast or famine depends a lot on pressure on the QB, or lack of pressure putting stress on the secondary. First round draft pick Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has developed into the cover corner needed to reduce the risk when the cardinals lack QB pressure. Every Cardinal has flexible skills and assignments like former defensive ends and high bred DE/LB in coverage, handling assignments not possible on other teams. I have a more detailed column on this defense earlier this year in the Pro Football Central archives.

After the Panthers ran it down the Cardinals throat and scored a touchdown on the opening drive the Cardinals smashed Carolina to smithereens just like the old underdog cartoons, except the Cardinals put Jake Delhomme in a phone booth. Antonio Smith stripped the ball and collected the football, and then DRC, Gerald Hayes, Antrel Rolle, Ralph Brown and Rod Hood all intercepted Delhomme passes. Ralph Brown a former Eagle added a 2nd interception late in the game in the end zone! This is no surprise to Cardinal fans that follow the team, it is not a miracle it is a new normal we have been developing for years coming to be! It has surprised the experts and NFC West outsiders for sure. Although a different animal there is not a better defense in the playoffs.

Football media experts have not done respectable research and analysis for their viewers. They haven’t watched the Cardinals games and do not have a clue. They have not even searched where the work was done for them to give NFL fans a proper perspective of the divisional playoffs.

Sportscenter: ” From what we have seen all year the Cardinals have not stopped the run ” means they haven’t seen some very important information about this game. They appear over paid for their lack of skills, bias in research and analysis, former football players or not they have been weighed, measured and have been found wanting. It’s not about respect for the Cardinals it is about lack of self respect from these professionals. I enjoy seeing them every week, but fans are sometimes stupider when watching them!


Michael Turner gained all of 42 yards rushing, and zero in the second half, stunningly low numbers for the Atlanta Falcons running back.

The Cowboys’ Marion Barber gained just 45 yards on 17 carries, the Rams’ Steven Jackson had just 81 yards on 26 carries in two games and the vaunted Giants – who came into the game averaging over 200 yards rushing in their previous three games – gained 87 as a team.

“It’s not talent, it’s not that we are overmatched or overpowered – it is a lack of focus and lack of details,” veteran nose tackle Bryan Robinson said. “I didn’t have an issue of us stopping the run (against Atlanta ) because we have done that against some of the best backs. The key is, ‘Can you sustain that every week?
Larry Fitzgerald had a monster game at Carolina and proved he can carry the team as needed, heavy lifting. Anquan Boldin is a luxury for the Cardinals but could lift as much as Fitz if not more on any given game day. Both pro bowl receivers join pro bowl Quarterback Kurt Warner for the NFC championship game. There is not a better offense in the playoffs. Future hall of fame running back Edgerrin James is keeping defenses honest and providing 10 playoff game experiences to the younger Cardinal players.

And Tim Hightower, JJ Arrington and others have 2 playoff games experience and rolling.

The offensive line has played fantastic with continuity and consistency. They were drafted as power running blockers! Over 600 passes this year and rolling with only 26 sacks, I think we’ll keep them! The Oline is no longer the reason for our problems; they are the reason for our blessings. Russ Grimm is getting paid well enough to pass on a coaching opportunity he doesn’t desire.

The Cardinals are hosting the NFC Championship game in Phoenix , reborn from the ashes. We are rewriting The Lord of the Rings, since the Smeagles Smushed The Giants, Our quest remains “Certainty of death, impossible odds, what are we waiting for! I will never be outscored by an ELF!  We must take the Ring and enjoy it where it was created, the ancient Pottsville curse! The White Whiz must account for something.