Denver Will Look to Keep Offense Rolling With New Head Coach Josh McDaniels

By PFC Writer James McMurtry

With the breaking news that Denver has agreed in terms with Josh McDaniels, a clear direction is revealed of where Pat Bowlen wants his new head to coach to go;  Offense.  It was originally thought that with the firing of Mike Shanahan, an offensive minded coach, that Denver would look to move in the opposite direction towards building a defensive team.   This brings some intriguing options for the future of the franchise.

Steve Spagnuolo the D coordinator of the New York Giants, who was the first candidate that was interviewed by Bowlen, appeared to be the first choice of Denver’s staff.  He was the mastermind who orchestrated a perfect defensive attack against Tom Brady and highest scoring offense in NFL History in last year’s Super Bowl.  Spagnuolo seemed to be the perfect fit to heel the woes of the Denver defense.  The Broncos fielded what was arguably the worst unit in franchise history allowing an AFC high 448 points.  The offense didn’t seem to be a problem ranking second in the league in yardage.

Out of the 7 candidates Denver interviewed, only 2 were offensive coordinators.  However, I can see that the brass at Dove Valley did not want to just have a good defense, but to continue the maturation of their franchise QB Jay Cutler.  It is rumored that Spagnuolo wanted to install a conservative run first offense to compliment an aggressive defense.  This is the MO of most defensive minded coaches who just don’t want to turn the ball over and let their defense win games.  As much of a fan I am of aggressive defense I think that playing it safe on offense is not always a great way to go regardless of how good your defense is.  Also it would be good to note that the Giants lost their division playoff game because their offense couldn’t put up points.

In Josh McDaniels the sky truly is the limit for the offense.  Ultimately the team with the most points on the board wins.   With McDaniels in place Jay Cutler and Co. could conceivably be the best scoring offense in football next year.   Josh helped Tom Brady become an elite quarterback in the 4 years he was QB coach/ O coordinator.  If Denver has only a middle of the pack defense to compliment that offense, they will be a contender in 2009.

The move towards McDaniels is practical considering that Denver will be in a rebuilding mode on their defense for the next two seasons.  If Denver expects to win they will do it through Jay Cutler’s arm and the offensive creativity of Josh McDaniels.  It would be good to note that McDaniels began his NFL career as an assistant on the defensive side of the ball.  So that will not be a forgotten unit for Denver in 2009.

Josh McDaniel’s career highlights

New England Patriots

2001 Hired on as scout

2002 moved to assistant to the defensive staff

2004 Quarterbacks Coach

Tom Brady has first 4,000 yard season in 05

2006 Offensive coordinator

2007 Tom Brady sets NFL record with 50 Passing TDs in a season

2007 Highest scoring offense in NFL history

Denver Broncos

2009 Head Coach