Why Do The Buffalo Bills Players Like To Play For Jauron?

By PFC Bills Writer David Marciano

It’s another cold, blustery day here in Western New York, a day that is very familiar to the great community of Buffalo. There’s also another very familiar feeling here,  it’s the feeling of yet another NFL Playoff tournament and yet another season of the Bills watching from home. A season that began with tremendous hope, and wishful thinking. A season that had the Buffalo Bills, the darling of the NFL through the first 6 weeks, a 5-1 record and a Tom Brady-less New England Patriots. The possibility of an AFC Eastern Division Champions banner, and a home playoff game. All of it squandered by an inept coaching staff, starting with its timid, laid back, coach in Dick Jauron.

So it leads to my question; Why do the Buffalo Bills players love to play for Dick Jauron? I’ll get back to an answer shortly, but first, he has been here for 3 seasons and has failed miserably in my opinion. He has 3 straight 7-9 seasons, with not a glimmer of improvement in any of those seasons.  He has lost every season that he has coached, with the exception of one season when he managed a 13-3 record with the Chicago Bears. Other than that season he has never won more than 7 games in a season. His career record is 57-76 with 1 postseason game, a loss of course. A mediocre coach is a 500 coach and he isn’t even a mediocre coach, he’s a bad NFL coach any way you look at it in my opinion. His game day blunders reflect his record, his poor and sometimes awful clock management is laughable and his motivational skills, wait he has none. He has an uncanny ability of being humiliated by the top coaches in the league. After games, players have told reporters they practiced something totally different then what they saw on game day. Opposing players have told reporters that the Bills did everything they game planned for. His teams are constantly unprepared, unmotivated, and out coached. So why do the players love to play for Dick Jauron?

I think the answer is simple, wouldn’t you like to work for someone who doesn’t hold you accountable? I would. He has in my opinion, the softest training camps, and the Bills are one of the last teams to put on the pads in training camp. The Buffalo Bills practice inside, which totally defeats the purpose of the Bills using the weather as their advantage. Instead he “babies” them and doesn’t want them to get cold. Earlier in the year, San Francisco came into Buffalo and beat the Bills, the 49’ers practiced all week outdoors, and come Sunday the weather advantage went to the California team. These players have it easy, they make millions of dollars and don’t have to work “hard” or even succeed to earn it which means easy money to them. They talk about what a great man Jauron is, since when does being a nice man get you far in life? It doesn’t unless your Dick Jauron.