Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Beat Up Carolina In The Playoffs

By PFC Cardinals Writer Kelley Smelser

Walking into University of Phoenix Stadium (UPS) last Saturday night was Surreal. We started a let’s go Card-nals chant at the tailgate that grew into a storm by the time the game started. Totally disrespected, belittled and crucified by the national media as the worst NFL team to ever go to the playoffs.  Well UPS yours! Our UPS is full full.

First time in 61 years the Cardinals won a home playoff game. Stop, chew, little more and then swallow, 1947 man! No other fans in history can even come close to the lows the Cardinal fans and Bill Bidwill have endured. Epic proportions! I hope others never understand why we get so excited over something other teams fans take for granted.

Till death do us part, I do!

Now the officials were offending, I Saw penalties, not throw away it’s the playoffs penalties but honest to God flagrant pass interference, intentional grounding , holding in the end zone game changing penalties early and often by Atlanta. They were not called and if not for the Cardinals overcoming them with a win, well the NBA would have to petition Las Vegas for a pay raise to take another title from the Suns!

Darren Sproles couldn’t carry Edges jock strap He’s good for a game or a season But Edges career has destroyed the likes of Jackson, Gore, D Williams and Stewart, better men than them have come and gone in Edges career and he is the same style of back he’s always been he was a pro bowl alt with 1222 last year on 324 of carries.

You won’t know what you have till it’s gone. 14 carries for 100 and then 16 for 73 isn’t crap, feed the MAN 25 a game and watch how to win a playoff game by doubling the effectiveness of play action and the best passing game left in the playoffs. Edge is just getting warmed up at 25 carries and after having half a season off, 5 or so catches would do the Team well also. 50% of the touches should go through Edge if Anquan Boldin is out. We don’t want to turnover the ball and win the game with confidence.

Kurt is fantastic in play action and it opens up the other half of the playbook tight ends and all. The Cardinals are a better team with Edge as a starter?  We have no replacement at running back. Indy played him in a single back set, when the Cardinals run Edge we are darn near unbeatable on offense. Without him we are schizophrenic, unpredictable and out of the playoffs! Many RB’S haven’t held up to 1 of 11 of Edge’s seasons. Experts and fans disrespecting Edge lights my flamethrower.  They wouldn’t know a football if it was stuck to their nose.

If you take away age and worrying about the future Edge is one of the best players on our team and the most irreplaceable he is the key to our Super Bowl chances. If Kurt goes down we take a hit but are not in terrible unwinnable shape. Matt Leinart would step in and bring different skills but competent leadership to the offense. Q is down we still have Fitzgerald, Breaston, Urban and Douchet. If Edge goes down our whole offense is downgraded to what we seen in the 2nd half of this season. I like Tim Hightower and JJ Arrington but they are role players not studs.

The Cardinal defensive line is undersized by choice. They have 3 huge athletic nose tackles. Do not be surprised to see an adjustment to the linebacker rotation allowing 2 of these 3 to play on run downs against Carolina . Alan Branch and Robinson are making plays downfield and Gabe Watson is a sledge hammer in the middle. They are healthy and will be able to reduce the Panthers running backs between the tackles. It is easier to have gap control with no gaps! Dockett is a thumper with range; he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for making plays downfield.

Cardinal linebacker Gerald Hayes is the best unknown player in the NFL. (My Cardinals defensive MVP) He takes care of the dirty work and gets in a fair share of superstar plays.  His tough, smart disciplined play allows Dansby and the other linebackers the security to take risk and get the superstar plays. Adrian Wilson and Rolle are put in position to be playmakers but are left out of position to play solid defense in Clancy Pendergast schemes. They produce turnovers in the high risk schemes but if quarterback pressure is not obtained it leaves the corners on their own. When it works it is brilliant when it doesn’t it is a sieve.

Eric Green did the best job ever done against Steve Smith, 1 on 1 he matched his speed and quickness. EG never bit on any risk and covered Smith without looking for the interception. I haven’t seen the last 2 games again but I promise you That Eric Green shut down  Steve Smith most of the games.  And I believe the TD’S came with somebody else covering Smith. Correct me if I’m wrong but that is how I remember it.

DRC has the speed but it is the adjustment quickness that Eric Green mimicked, that Steve Smith erratic burst. DRC is quick in his own long strider deliberate way but EG mastered the same style that Smith explodes with. I will be surprised if Eric green is not active in this Game. I can’t see Brown handling the back up duties if something happened to DRC or Hood. And In my opinion Eric is better than Hood at many things but not jumping the route and intercepting. Eric green is the best cover corner The Cards have. DRC is equal with interception ability also. Rod Hood is better at jumping interceptions but not as good at coverage as Eric Green.

The Carolina Panthers are a great football team and perfect 8-0 at home. I have no delusions. But they better score more than 30 against our defense. They just better if they want to move on, they better take chances they normally don’t take on offense, defense and special teams. And I still don’t like their chances cause I’m a get down and Waller in the mud naked Arizona Cardinal Football Club Fan. And we are hungry, starving and desperate to get the Eagles back home for a rematch of the 1947 NFL championship.