Pro Football Central Radio Show Signs Multi-Year Deal With Prime Sports Network

We here at Pro Football Central Radio Show are very pleased to announce that we have signed a multi-year deal with Prime Sports Network and we will be airing live there every Thursday night at 7 pm est. We are also very pleased to announce that 14 year veteran radio host Greg DePalma has agreed to become the new host of Pro Football Central Radio Show. Click here to learn more about Greg DePalma and his impressive resume.

Greg DePalma has been broadcasting and producing sports talk radio programs in the South Florida listening market since 1994. Greg, who grew up minutes from N.Y.C. in Union City, N.J., got his start in radio as a daily PM-Drive-time sports talk show host on “The Sports Power Hour” for WPBR-1340AM in Lake Worth, Florida. While at WPBR, Greg produced and hosted a weekly Glades Day High School Football “Game of the Week”.

Shortly after the season ended, Greg then took a job with the West Palm Beach Barracudas minor league hockey team. With the Barracudas, Greg not only produced and conducted play-by-play radio broadcasts of all road games and a weekly remote “Coaches Show”, but he also assisted in home game-by-game operations and promotions. Greg also choreographed and performed all music and sound effects at home games at the West Palm Beach Auditorium. It was a time of dedication and sacrifice as Greg would tour with the team by bus to southern towns like Huntsville, Alabama where Greg would enjoy his Thanksgiving dinner one year.

Following his stint with the Barracudas, the Florida Bobcats of the relatively new, Arena
Football League was beginning, and Greg was offered and then accepted the position of V.P. of Sales/Media Director/Radio Broadcaster for the Bobcats. This is where Greg honed in on his marketing skills by selling corporate sponsorship packages, assisting in game-by-game operations and promotions which included Halftime Master of Ceremonies as well as his main job as radio producer/color broadcaster. For two years Greg would see the country and fly to places like Portland, Oregon and Boston, Mass. The game Greg called that he would always remember was on April 25th, 1998 in Des Moines, Iowa vs. the Barnstormers. The quarterback for Iowa was a then, little known player named Kurt Warner.

What also made the game special was the promotion Greg produced with the local Big Brothers Organization, in which Greg sent a boy and his ‘Big Brother’, a local news anchor to Iowa all expenses paid. The good deed must have been felt in the locker room because the last place Bobcats would go on to upset the high-powered offense of Iowa led by future NFL MVP, Kurt Warner. After the game the team presented the boy with a game ball and high-fives all around.

After two years with the Bobcats, Greg went back to the airwaves as a daily sports talk show host on “The Sports Show” for WPOM-1600AM in West Palm Beach and then “Sports Probe” for WDJA-850AM in West Palm Beach.

Following those two shows, Greg was hired by “The United Sports Fans of America” as the Director of Radio. was a nation-wide sports fan association with over 500,000 online members. Greg was in charge of all local and national radio production as well as selling corporate sponsorship packages. This would be the start of Greg’s fascination with the internet. Unfortunately, the internet industry crashed, and Greg was left with a sour, yet unfulfilled taste for the worldwide web. Next up it was back to radio as Greg would join the team at Foster Sports Enterprises. Greg produced and hosted radio programs for Foster Sports on WDJA-850AM, WAXY-790AM, FOX-940AM and Fox Sports Radio-1400AM in South Florida.

In 2004, Greg made a major business decision and decided to leave local terrestrial radio for good. Greg has spent the past 3 year’s learning everything about the new technology that surrounds us today from internet to satellite radio and much more. After careful consideration and research, Greg’s decision was final. He was going to start up one of the first internet-only radio networks. Greg feels that while satellite radio is ahead of its time, the internet’s time is now.