Bowtie The Cardinals

By PFC Cardinals Writer Kelley Smelser

NO fans in history have felt our lows, NONE. It’s time for a RECKONING.

William V. Bidwill has forgotten more about NFL football than most have ever known.
Take a deep breath and appreciate the opportunity. Boo if you must but pinch yourself and appreciate. We are the Arizona Cardinal Football Club. We have not felt this for 61 years. We have the best chance of a championship since 1947, with a home playoff game against Atlanta and possibly at Carolina rather than at New York . I would love to play the Eagles at home for the NFC Championship. Who has a better chance in New York than a NFCE rival, for the next 2 weeks I’m an Eagles fan. I dare to dream of a rematch of the 1947 championship game.

The Cardinals, founded in 1898 and a charter member of the National Football League, hold the distinction of being the oldest continuously run professional football franchise in the nation.

1947 (9-3, NFL Champion)
Head Coach Jimmy Conzelman
Sept. 28 Detroit W 45-21 22,739
Oct. 5 Chicago Bears W 31-7 51,123
Oct. 12 At Green Bay W 14-10 25,502
Oct. 19 At L.A. Rams L 7-27 69,631
Oct. 26 Boston Yankees W 27-7 22,286
Nov. 2 L.A. Rams W 17-10 40,575
Nov. 9 At Detroit W 17-7 27,513
Nov. 16 Green Bay W 21-20 40,086
Nov. 23 At Washington L 21-45 35,362
Nov. 30 At N.Y. Giants L 31-35 28,744
Dec. 7 At Philadelphia W 45-21 34,432
Dec. 14 At Chicago Bears W 30-21 48,632
Home: 5-0 (176,809). Away: 4-3 (269,816). 306-231
NFL Championship Game, Comiskey Park , Chicago
Dec. 28 Philadelphia W 28-21 30,759

The Cardinals can compete on a good day with any of the other playoff teams this year. We are way better than the 98 Cards. We have them right where we want them. Coach Whisenhunt did come out and say after he benched Edge, that he believes Edgerine can help us later in the year in the playoffs. I believe that we are much better team than we are ranked yet we deserve the rankings.

Edge is not the problem with this team he is the solution! Play action helped after Edge had just 14 carries for 100 yards and moving from #14 to #12 all time rushing leader in this game.  Edge is a gift to be treasured not trash to be thrown away. Everybody forgets he did receive most of the offensive touches in his career and that is how ground up some opponents in the first half of this season. This is his 9th playoff game and He should be our engine making it easier on everyone else. MR. James’ rushing first down in the 1st quarter against Seattle made a huge difference in field position compared to the last month.

I have never lost faith in Edge and I’ll continue to go to war for him Like a FAITHFUL CARD FAN!  If Kurt goes down where do we hang Our Hat? Matt? Edge is our brightest hope so why not share now, He has earned it. We can beat anybody anywhere anytime when we execute a balanced offensive game plan. With that said even in a one dimensional offense falling back by double digits, Kurt, Q, Fitz and Breaston can win this game for the Cards.

It’s a basic philosophy change back to our blueprint but this is where Whiz, Grimm and Haley’s playoff experience should come to light. I hope they are strong enough to convince Kurt Warner to have more patients and take pressure off the offensive line, the defense and the special teams. Not to be negative about Kurt it is just the truth he needs to share more of the burden, and heroics through balance. It should be less as Kurt Goes the Cards go. So we can win a game when he has the production of an average NFL QB.

Defenses game plan and have been ready and effective against our passing game.

Clancy Pendergast played 2 nose tackles at the same time in Seattle . This has needed to happen against the last few teams running down our throats. We don’t have to be undersized on run downs we choose to be. Robinson and Branch made great plays all over the field. Watson should return for the home playoff game. Either 2 in the middle and Dockett is better,  just an adjustment in the LB rotation. The Cardinals defense has had some great efforts and effectiveness against top running teams the last 2 years. They have had poor efforts and effectiveness lately. This is a high risk high reward ultimate flex defense. It is high reward time meaning we must win the turnover battle when each game is a season. That depends mostly on Kurt fumbling or not.

Adrian Wilson and Rolle are physical but as soon as Clancy used them more in the run defense and pass rush our secondary went to crap. I think Eric Green makes us more physical in the secondary. DRC is coming on strong as a rookie and Hood is taking chances by design. If we can control Atlanta ’s run game Ryan will have to beat us with his arm. IF they can run the Cards will just have to out score them. I like our chances at home.

A loss to Atlanta will mean it’s about time for Michael Bidwill to talk to ball boy Bill about giving the Pottsville Maroons there cursed 1925 championship trophy made out of coal. Survival of the NFL is the most important accomplishment of Bill Bidwill and his family. They bailed out the only other existing charter NFL team the Chicago Bears.  Look at the history, look at the teams that are gone to NFL heaven and appreciate a life dedicated to NFL fans. Nine years after the year 2000 part of the world is at peace, I wish us the best of all parts!

1925 11-2-1 (NFL Champion)
Head Coach Norm Barry
Sept. 27 Hammond Pros L 6-10 Unknown
Oct. 4 Milwaukee Badgers W 34-0 2,500
Oct. 11 Columbus Tigers W 19-9 Unknown
Oct. 18 Kansas City Cowboys W 20-7 Unknown
Oct. 25 Chicago Bears W 9-0 13,000
Nov. 1 Duluth Kelleys W 10-6 20,000
Nov. 8 Green Bay W 9-6 4,000
Nov. 15 Buffalo Bisons W 23-6 4,000
Nov. 22 Dayton Triangles W 14-0 3,000
Nov. 26 At Chicago Bears T 0-0 39,000
Nov. 29 Rock Island Ind. W 7-0 3,000
Dec. 6 Pottsville Maroons L 7-21 5,000
Dec. 10 Milwaukee Badgers W 59-0 250
Dec. 12 Hammond Pros W 13-0 1,000
Home: 11-2. Away: 0-0-1. 230-65