Cardinal Sins Turnes Virtues

By PFC Cardinals Writer Kelley Smelser

The Cards need nothing They have it already In Edgerine James. If we could trade or get a FA right now we would want a Vet like James. It’s not about the yardage or stats it is about competitive balance.

WE went to crap as soon as Whiz benched James. I said it with foresight and everybody screamed about look at what Kurt’s doing! Well look at what Kurt’s not doing? Kurt needs Edge’s attitude and stability more than production.

Just look at us. Nothing against Hightower but he has more carries and less than 2 yards per carry to Edge’s 3.9 or so. If we committed to run Edge 20 carries per game as we did in the first half of the season we would be a solid playoff team. As it is were hit or miss, Schizophrenic at best. We could beat any team on any given Sunday or lose by 40.

I wanted to look at Clancy Pendergast the last off season because of what is happening right now! Seen it, said it, hate it. Schizophrenic does not win consistently in the NFL. If Clancy had better players …. Get my point! Many Defensive coordinators would have a lot more success with these players!

We have the tools to fix it right now If Whisenhunt went back to his core and why he was hired over others. Smart, Tough and Disciplined football. Running Edge is not against Kurt, Fitz and Q it is in concert with like the rest of the playoff teams. That’s the coaches job and Whiz’s baggage. He needs to humble up and run Edge 5 times a quarter instead of falling in the hole by double digits in the first quarter like half the games last year and nearly half the games this year now.

Cardinal UP and take it like a FAN, Coach.