Rookie of the Year Comes Down To Ryan Vs Flacco

By Brian Harrington

The 2008 season is more than halfway through and the potential race for rookie of the year is already heating up and get this for the first time in years in comes down to the first two quarterbacks taken in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Look at the Ravens and the Falcons they both have a lot in common. They both have two rookie quarterbacks, a solid two headed running game and a very impressive defense. There were a lot of NFL scouts who rated Flacco higher than Ryan due to height and arm strength but Ryan is so far running away with the Rookie of the Year Title. Ryan, with a very young receiving core has practically put this offense on his shoulders along with Michael Turner and Roddy White and has shown remarkable poise in the pocket with a rather inexperienced offensive line.

The irony here is that the Ravens reportedly were not planning to draft a quarterback so high in the draft but with the sudden retirement of Steve McNair along with the injuries to Kyle Boller and former heisman trophy winner Troy Smith, they without a choice gave the ball to Flacco and wished for the best. While Flacco is not having the type of season that Ryan is, he should not be ashamed with doing a good job on a team that is notorious for there great defense.

The Ravens also have been off to a slow start with finding players to catch the ball from Flacco with only tight end Todd Heap and receiver Derrick Mason catching two touchdowns a piece. The Falcons however are giving Matt Ryan everything he needs to make him look like Joe Montana by giving him very good receivers like Roddy White who has six touchdowns and Michael Jenkins who has 3 touchdowns.

Both rookies entered there rookie seasons having to worry about there not so experienced offensive line which meant one thing: gelling with there line before game 1 and that’s exactly what they did. Both quarterbacks are already exceeding expectations which is huge with Ryan racking up a 89.9 QB rating and Flacco having a 79.7 rating. Both quarterbacks have also thrown for more than 1500 yards as well with Ryan throwing for 1.909 yards and Flacco throwing for 1.649 yards, Another huge thing that rookie quarterbacks are “suppose” to do and that’s make mistakes by throwing interceptions and they as of now are doing a good job keeping that under control with Ryan only throwing 5 with Flacco throwing 7.

The rookie of the year voting is far away but I thought this would give the fans a good idea of why Matt Ryan should win this award because he did what no other quarterback or player could do in Atlanta and that’s make the fans forget about Michael Vick. The other notable players who are also having a great rookie season would be Titans running back Chris Johnson, Bears running back Matt Forte, Broncos receiver Eddie Royal and Redskins safety Chris Horton.