Rams: 34-14 Not a Surprise, But Surprise! A Win!

By PFC Rams Writer Don Ackerman

Surprise, Surprise! Offense explodes and defense improves.

A 34-14 score is not uncommon for the Saint Louis Rams to see in 2008. After opening the season with losses of 3-38 (Eagles), 13-41 (Giants), 13-37 (Seahawks), and 14-31 (Bills), a score of 34-14 fits right in. But…Surprise! This is a win!
Not only was the win a surprise, it was the 2nd win in a row over the highly-touted NFC East. Well, maybe the NFC isn’t great (was the touting premature?) but it is two solid wins in a row.

In today’s win, the biggest surprise to me is the defense is solid after losing their coordinator who was promoted to head coach. It boggles my mind that the Rams defense would improve after losing their coordinator. I realize the Rams were not playing well under Linehan, but the defense has always been under Haslett.

The second surprise is this offense was finally clicking. Getting the headlines will be Stephen Jackson who racked up 160 yards on 25 carries, but a shock surprise is that the Rams routed Dallas and wide receiver Torry Holt had 3 catches for 51 yards. Basically, he was a non-factor. Who would guess that the Rams would score 34 points without Holt?

Ram on,

PS Torry Holt did have a major achievement Sunday. His three catches allowed him to pass Larry Centers (827) for 14th on the NFL’s all-time receptions list.