Rookie Battles: Malcolm Kelly Vs Limas Sweed


The NFL draft is upon us and we here at PFC will be breaking down the best two players at there positions and see who has the edge. We will first start of at the wide receiver position; some may feel that the receiver class does not have a clear cut number 1 wide out in the NFL but I disagree. Although California’s Desean Jackson and Michigan’s Mario Mannigham do have a lot of upside, I do feel that Sweed and Kelly do stand head above the rest.


The speed factor is so essential in the success of an NFL receiver and for this I would have to give the edge to Kelly on this one. Kelly has great burst off the line of scrimmage and does an excellent job running his routes. Not to say that Sweed isn’t quick but I just feel with Kelly being a big 6’4 and to run the routes that he does, I think we would have to give the speed nod to Malcolm Kelly.


For the Agility factor, I will have to give the edge again to Kelly who has made some incredible catches when a lot of times the quarterback has overthrown the ball. Kelly does an incredible job making something out of nothing but this was definitely a close one to call with Sweed showing incredible body movement as well to make the catch.

Leadership Skills

I will have to give the edge to Sweed on this one due to showing some great leadership skills when Texas QB Vince Young departed to the NFL. Sweed has always been vocal in the locker room and was an influential force in the huddle with motivating the players even with Young on the roster. 

Fear Going Across the Middle

I will have to give this edge to Limas Sweed.  If anyone has seen any games in which Sweed plays then you would have seen time in and time out, Limas not making any second guesses on going after the ball though the middle. At 6’5 you would think that a tall receiver would be asking for a big hit running up the middle but Sweed did whatever it took to move the lines and for that I would have to give him this edge.

Cornerback Separation Skills

I’m going to have to call this one a draw. If any of these two wide outs have a flaw it would be this one. Both players will have to do a better job improving on separating themselves from the corners in this league or they will have a hard time getting open.


I am going to give the edge to Limas Sweed. In the past he has bench pressed 355 pounds and his wrist is reportedly 100% healed and I don’t think he would have an issue to repeat such a performance. Kelly definitely has great upper body strength but his best at the bench press has been 300 pounds which is no lightweight but the edge here will have to go with Sweed.


While both receivers have made some incredible catches in college, one of the drawbacks on Limas Sweed is his focus. He at times in college didn’t focus on catching the ball and focused more on after the catch, which resulted in some drop balls. Kelly on the other hand does he opposite, the number 1 priority for Malcolm Kelly is to catch the ball and maintain excellent ball control and for that I give the edge to Kelly.

With the comparisons being a dead tie, I’m going to have to give the edge to Oklahoma wide out Malcolm Kelly. When NFL teams look at a rookie wide out, they look at the receiver’s ball handling skills and his focus. With Sweed dropping quite a few easy catches in college and with focus being not an easy skill to train a player on, I will give the overall edge to Malcolm Kelly.

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